Chess and its German connection

The excellence and beauty in the chesspieces produced by early German craftsmen have never been surpassed. They give much attention to the design and to its historic association. The materials used by them were African ivory, bone, hardwoods, gold, silver, amber, hardstones, brass and iron. Craftsmen were more active in the regions of Nuremberg.
Hardwood sets of great beauty sometimes had silver mounts which carries Nuremberg silver marks. Carvers working in the Tyrol and Black forest areas carved sets boldly from variety of different woods.
There were some unrelated features in the set like helmets worn by the white side closely resemble danish pieces, and the black side were like those worn in North Africa and Turkey. The castles carried by the elephant rooks and the knights was without any doubt South German.
Large German sets were carved from African ivory to a Gothic theme in the early nineteenth century. German sets always excel in facial carving.

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