With yet another exciting month behind us, it’s time once again for a quick recap of the highlights from the last month. If you think you might have missed something from the month, here is a list of the hottest releases in the Aug 2017.

As usual, links to all of these chess sets can be found below.

The Australian War Memorial Reproduced Chess Set by ACF
The Smokey Staunton Series Chess Set in Rose Wood
The Championship Series Staunton Chess Set in Ebonized Boxwood

The Australian War Memorial Reproduced Chess Set by Australian Comforts Fund (ACF) is the reproduction of a set produced in 1916 in Australia. This set is made up of ebonized boxwood and natural boxwood. The King proudly stands at 3.5 inches and its base is a robust 1.5 inches. Both kings are stamped with A.C.F logo on their base. Dark chess pieces are exquisitely crafted in ebonized boxwood. Shop Now ->

The Australian War Memorial Reproduced Chess Set

The Smokey Staunton Series is made up of rosewood and boxwood. The King proudly stands at 3.8 inches and its base is robust 1.6 inches. The dark chess pieces are made of rosewood and the opposing pieces are made up of boxwood which is traditionally used for white side. Shop Now ->

The Smokey Staunton Series Chess SetThe Championship Series Magnus Carlsen Chess Set in Staunton pattern has been specifically designed for chess tournament/club players. The set features a Tournament standard 3.75″ King with a base diameter of 1.61 inches. This chess set is expertly weighted from our master artisans and it’s superb size proportioning from a king to pawn make this chess set an excellent choice for fast chess games in tournaments/clubs or regular home and school play. It’s a chess set that is truly like no other.

The Championship Series Staunton Chess Set

Ten years. That’s how long it’s been since our first customer bought the travel chess set from us. We still remember the buzz of excitement in the office as we processed and delivered this order. At that time, we had very few products in our catalog. But each of those was designed with a lot of thought and crafted with much love and attention to detail. We have grown manifold since then – we now have 300+ distinctive designs, a 50+ strong team, a larger office and multiple warehouses – but we still put in the same care while choosing our designs, and we feel the same excitement every time we launch the new set!

Year 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of Chessbazaar & our team is dedicatedly working on the 10th-anniversary chess set. Our few chess sets set the gold standard in their first decade and we are just getting started. “The best is yet to come.”

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