Monthly Round-up – Oct 2014


Monthly round-up is our new innovative service meant to recap all the major announcements of the month, which you might have missed. The past month was quite busy for us due to festive period.

October of 2014 was marked by :

. Chessbazaar team celebrated Dussehra with traditional Indian culture

. Introduced Lightning Deals on the account of Diwali

. Celebrated Diwali by throwing a grandeur party at our office

. Celebrated Halloween by giving flat 40% Off on Chess Sets to our customers.

. Massive price drop on Shera series & Apache series

. Prepared for the announcement of Staunton Pattern 1849 chess set


Celebrated Dussehra : Dussehra is a Hindu festival, celebrated by millions of citizens across the country, to mark the victory of good over evil & our whole team celebrated this victory by having bonfires and fireworks according to traditional Indian culture. We also did not miss to attend Ramlila performances .B_Id_326272_Dussehra_celebration

Lightning Deals “The Customer Is God” : We have also introduced Lightning Deals for our customers on the account of Diwali. With this offer, we gave our customers one more chance to grab chess sets at very low prices by offering huge discounts. We offered more lucrative deals and gift ideas as compared to our competitors.

Celebrated Diwali : Vik the CEO of chessbazaar has organized a grand Diwali Celebrations eve for all his employees & workers. The whole team enjoyed Diwali by setting out clay oil lamps, making rangoli, hanging lights, indulging in fireworks, exchanging sweets and gifts and much more.


Celebrated Halloween “Sale of the Dead” : Halloween is a yearly celebration, celebrated on the night of October 31.  We gave flat 40% Off on Chess Sets to our wonderful customers to enjoy the occasion with great enthusiasm.


Massive price drop on shera series & apache series : Price Slashed of apache series & shera series giving our customers’ a huge benefit. Now available with free wooden storage box.


Prepared for the announcement of 1849 Staunton pattern chess set : Prepared our inventory to present  the grand dad of all chess sets, 1849 Staunton pattern chess sets which is the most awaited set of our customers. We are going to introduce it by revising the product by making it look similar to the original 1849 chess set.


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