The Top 5 Iconic Chess Sets every Chess Collector Must Possess

Chess is a game of imagination, strategy, and patience. Believe to be evolved before 7th century in India, the game has now major dominanceBuy Vintage & Old Chess Sets Online in the field of indoor sport around the world. There are many chess championships, chess clubs, inter-school tournaments and among all the ever-growing community of chess collectors. Though, the manufacturing of wood chess sets was started in mid 19th Century in Great Britain, the British brought the knowledge and tools for making the chess set to India in early 20th century, once the British colony. India has always been known for its handcrafted art and making stone craved status of Hindu Gods. Popular stone craving in temples of Khajuraho or carving of Nataraja Statue is the living example of Indian mastery.

1950 Dubrovnik Bobby Fischer Reproduced Chess Set

The wood chess sets became popular in mid 19th century when J.Jaques Staunton produces a Staunton chess set in 1849. It took the world with craze and mostly the Staunton pattern became famous among various chess players and collectors. We, at chessbazaar, unearth the chess sets history through our various researches and have introduced the Antique category to our customers throughout the world. Though our 60% of the chess sets on sale are reproductions and antique, however, we believe that every vivid chess collector must possess these 5 chess reproductions in their collection.

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1. 1849 Antique Reproduced Chess Set: Famously known as J.Jaques Chess Set was the first Staunton design produced in 1849. This is among our best seller and is produced with the association of Alan Dewey, the famous living chess historian, restorer and collector. The chess pieces are manufactured with Antiqued Boxwood(light side) and Ebony Wood(black side). The process to make the boxwood antique is done artificially with the help of chemicals. A must have for Staunton loving chess collector.

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2. 1950 Dubrovnik Bobby Fisher Chess Set: Bobby Fisher is among the best and most rated chess player, America every produced. The reason that made Bobby fisher so famous is his match against his USSR counterpart Boris Spassky in a match held in Reykjavik during the Cold War era. In a radio interview, Bobby Fischer stated, “This (1950 Dubrovnik chess set) is the best chess set I have ever played on, it is marvellous.” We at chessbazaar, bought many variations and sizes of the Dubrovnik chess set to the chess community. Check our full range of Dubrovnik chess sets here >>

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3. 1940-50 Reproduced (Soviet Era) Russian Series Chess Set: During the start of 20th century, USSR produces one of the finest chess players in the history of chess. 1940-50 Reproduced (Soviet Era) Russian Series Chess SetNo doubt, they also manufactured some of their own versions of chess sets played in various games till late 80’s. This chess set is among the famous Soviet design produced and played in 1940’s and 1950’s. Produced in 4.13” King the opposite crowns/finials make them different from the Staunton design. Check our wide range of Russian/Soviet chess sets here>>

4. 1950 Latvian Reproduced Chess Set: This old soviet design was produced in The 1950s Soviet (Russian) Latvian Reproduced Chess Set1950s. Chess is among the most popular indoor game among Russians and this
Latvian set is the central feature of their chess history and it’s a delight for the chess collectors. This chess set also come in Antique finish. A must have for Russian chess collectors. Shop Now >>

5. 1935 Botvinnik Flohr Reproduced Chess Set: This popular chess design was manufactured somewhere in USSR and was first used in the famous match between Mikhail Botvinnik and Flohr played in 1933. Reproduced in 2016 with the association of famous chess historian Mr. Alan Dewey, this replica is very famous among the chess collectors and being in high demand, it generally went out of stock when on sale. Shop Now >>

Alan Dewey and chessbazaar proudly presents the replica of 1935 Botvinnik Flohr Soviet chess set.

We have tried to put in the best 5 sellers every chess collector must have. Though, there are many other chess sets which are chess collectors delight, however, it also depends on the personal taste of a person and the feedback which we receive on daily basis from our chess customers community.

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