Top 5 reasons to buy a Wooden Chess Set over Plastic

Generally wooden chess sets are preferred over the plastic because of the many various reasons. Wood is definitely an eco friendly product. Expert says that playing with a wooden chess set improves our game. They are also very impressive to look at and can be used as a home décor.

  1. 1. Wooden chess sets are weighted whereas plastic ones look cheap.
  2. 2. Wooden chess sets are used in championship matches.
  3. 3. Wooden chess sets are also used for décor purposes while it is not the same for the plastic chess.
  4. 4. Wooden chess sets will surely be a great addition to your home or office.
  5. 5. Wooden chess sets lasts longer if stored in proper condition whereas plastic sets may become brittle with age depending upon the composition.
  6. 1849 Staunton pattern chess set
    Knights of 1849 stauton pattern wooden chess set

A good quality chess set lasts longer which can be passed on to generations with memories. Improperly stored plastic sets may warp more than wooden sets. Wooden chess sets have lots of variety in different types of wood such as ebony wood, bud rose wood, sandal wood, paduak wood, box wood, rose wood, walnut whereas the options are very limited in plastic sets. Exotic luxury chess sets are expensive to buy but there are less expensive sets also available on our chess store that are made from box wood, sheesham or walnut

THE GOOD Wooden chess sets are the most ambitious, well-constructed chess sets ever seen. Look and feel of wooden chess set is way ahead compared to usual cheap plastic chess sets.

THE BAD More expensive from plastic chess set

THE BOTTOM LINE A good quality wooden chess set lasts longer than usual plastic chess set. Finely crafted chess set can enhance every chess players playing experience.

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