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Reproduced Russian / Soviet Collection

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Chessbazaar offers the chess lovers a timeless collection of best Russian/Soviet chess sets. Chess is one of the most popular games in the Soviet Union and there is one interesting fact that most of the world chess champions were citizens of the Soviet Union. Period from 1993 to 2000 the world chess champions were almost Russians. From the early days, chess has been a central feature of Russian history and culture from the middle ages onwards, resulting in a great variety of chess sets from various times and zones. Click here to see our full range of Russian chess sets. Chess is considered one of the most interesting, exciting and educational games in Soviet. Now a day's Russians also use chess as a training concentration.

Collecting Antique Chess Sets is a hobby for the select few due to the high costs and scarcity of good sets. The original Antique Russian Chess Sets, if available, are so expensive that everyone cannot afford these. Moreover, most of the original chess sets are not in a very good condition and it costs a substantial sum to restore these sets.

Chessbazaar offers you a wide collection of reproduced antique Russian chess sets at the most reasonable price in the world. 



Reproduced Russian / Soviet Collection

Minimal Price: $123.99

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