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Imperfect Chess Sets

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Imperfect chess sets is one of that category which includes different wooden chess pieces, chess sets or chess boards which have slight or minor defects.  These are for the chess lovers who cannot afford to buy expensive chess and for those who are looking for buyer-friendly offers.  We have a different variety of wooden chess to offer and every set or board has the slight defect like a little nick or a bump in of the pieces etc. You may find the detailed description under each type.  We are selling these at a discount price of up to 70% off and even less. So, if you are a crazy chess lover and having trouble buying expensive chess, just peep in this category. You may love the striking range and lowest price offers. 

Note: There are no returns, replacements, exchanges, etc for imperfect items. Items listed under this category don't cover under our lifetime warranty program*. You may have to pay customs duties for imperfect items. We'll not honor any Customs Duties claims.

Imperfect Chess Sets

Minimal Price: $33.29

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