Combo of Reproduced 1924 Bauhaus Geometrical Abstract Chessmen in Sheesham and Boxwood - 1.9" King with Wooden Chess Board

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Chess Pieces Material: Sheesham & Natural Boxwood

Chess Pieces Dimensions:    

King Height -  1.92" (49 mm)    
King Base -    1.14" (29 mm)
Pawn Height -0.74" (19 mm)    
Pawn Base -  0.74" (19 mm)

Chess Board Material: Sheesham wood (Dalbergia Sissoo)/ Maple (Acer Saccharum)

Chess Board Dimensions: 

Board - 17" x 17" (43 cm x 43 cm)
Square - 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" (45 mm x 45 mm)
Board Thickness - 22 mm (0.9")

You're getting: 32 pieces (No extra Queens included); Chess Board is included

: Chess Pieces Weight is 410 grams approx. (14.46 oz) and chess board weight is 3000 gms (106 oz). The chess pieces are not felted and unweighted.

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Chess Pieces Details Height Base
King   1.92" (49 mm) 1.14" (29 mm)
Queen 1.96" (50 mm)  1.14" (29 mm)
Bishop 1.14" (29 mm)  1.14" (29 mm)
Knight 1.14" (29 mm) 1.14" (29 mm)
Rook 1.14" (29 mm) 1.14" (29 mm)
Pawn 0.74" (19 mm) 0.74" (19 mm)
Total Weight Of Chess Set 3410 grams approx. (120.28 oz)
Dark Pieces Sheesham   (Gardenia latifolia)
Light Pieces Boxwood (Gardenia latifolia)

Features: The reproduced 1923 bauhaus chess pieces offers a 1.92" King with a diameter of 1.14" and all chess pieces are unweighted. The chess pieces have no felt on their bases. The dark chess pieces are made after dyeing sheesham wood and the lighter chess pieces are made of Boxwood.

Bauhaus Chess Set

History: This great minamilist chess piece was designed by Josef Hartwiga sculptor in 1924. Mr. Hartwig, born in Munich in 1880, was a Bauhaus sculptor who designed two key Bauhaus pieces: a chess set design, also known as Bauhaus-Schachspiel in German, or Bauhaus chess in English and "Owl" or "Eule" in 1922. The Bauhaus aka Staatliches Bauhaus, was a German school of art where Josef Hartwig was a head of sculpture department from 1921-25.

In the year 1924, Hartwig designed a number of geometrical shaped abstract chess set which were famosuly called as Bauhaus Chess Set. This design of the chessmen are in the way that the pawn and rook which moves in straight line are represented by the square prisms, the bishop features diagonal lines since it moves diagonally, the knights are L shaped, the king has straight and diagonal element and the queen has the circle on the top, which may represents that it can move to any cornor in the board.

The Bauhaus chess sets were limited produced and were remained a luxury item sold in small numbers. chessbazaar brings the reproduction of the 1924 model of Bahuhas chess set in ebonized boxwood. The pieces are not felted and unweighted.

 Pieces are meticulously handcrafted from the finest grade wood and polished by hand to give it a rich and long-lasting shine. The design, quality, and craftsmanship of these chess pieces are impeccable. The spectacular knight is handcrafted by the best carvers of Amritsar.

Uniformity of pieces: The shapes of square pieces are cut to precision by band saw. Some of the elements of the peices like the circle on the Queens head are rounded by metal profile in the lathe machine. 

These grandeur chess pieces are undoubtedly an excellent choice for decor, chess collection or for the artists who loves geometrical abstarct designs. 

Chess Pieces Weight: 3410 grams approx. (120.28 oz). The pieces are not felted and unweighted.

Package Includes : 32 Chessmen (No extra queens included). chess board is included in this sale. 

Disclaimer: Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.

Caution: These chess pieces are neither waterproof nor UV-resistant.


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