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Getting into a new hobby like playing chess with wooden chess set is an expensive endeavour. Sometimes the cheapest point of entry is a starter kit that perfectly combines a group of items you need to learn about your new hobby. For some, buying chess pieces and chess board is the best way to start, but that doesn't work for everyone. For that reason, we made these starter kits, and in these kits we provide everything you'll need from start to finish while learning the basics. These exclusive chess starter kits are specially designed for students and walks you through the basics of playing chess. Playing chess has proven to help students enhance their creativity, sharpens memory, develops imagination and logical thinking, gives self-motivation, and achieve superior academic performance. Additionally, chess has been shown to augment problem-solving capabilities, teaches how to plan before, provide cultural enrichment, advance intellectual maturity, and enhance self-esteem. We know that these are qualities that school administrators, parents, and teachers desire for their students.