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Combo of 1959 Reproduced Russian Zagreb Staunton Series Chess Set in Burnt & Natural Boxwood & Tiger Ebony Maple Chess Board - 3.75" King





Quick Overview

Material: Burnt Boxwood / Box wood 

Dimensions:   King Height - 3.89" (99 mm)
                        King Base - 1.61" (41 mm)
                        Pawn Height - 1.96" (50 mm)
                        Pawn Base -  1.14" (29 mm)

 Board:           Board - 23.6" x 23.6" (60 cm x 60 cm)
                        Square - 2.36" x 2.36" (60 mm x 60 mm)
                        Board Thickness - 13 mm (0.5")

Board Material: Black Dyed Poplar & White Erable

Weight: Chess pieces: 1000 grams (35.27 oz)Please note that the weight in the set is added manually so the final weight of the set can vary by plus or minus (±) 10%.
              Board - 3676 gms (129.66 oz). Please note that this is a handmade item so the final weight of the board can vary by plus or minus (±) 10%.

Shipping: FedEx 4-6 days delivery for North America, UK, AU, EU, IN
                  IndiaPost 15-25 days delivery for rest of the world - Know More

Chess Pieces SKU: R0306Chess Board SKU: B1033

Retail Package Includes: 34 Chessmen (2 Extra Queens Included) with one chess board

Note:  Taxes/Customs charges are included

Chess Pieces Details Height Base
King  3.89" (99 mm) 1.61" (41 mm)
Queen 3.22" (82 mm) 1.53" (39 mm)
Bishop 3.07" (78 mm) 1.41" (36 mm)
Knight 2.75" (70 mm) 1.41" (36 mm)
Rook 2.24" (57 mm) 1.41" (36 mm)
Pawn 1.96" (50 mm) 1.14" (29 mm)
Total Weight Of Chess Set 1000 grams (35.27 oz)
Dark Pieces Burnt Box Wood
Light Pieces Box Wood
Recommended Board Size 52mm Square Size 

Reproduced 1959 Russian Zagreb Series chess set in Staunton style is made up of burnt boxwood and natural boxwood. The King proudly stands at 3.8 inches(Tournament Size) and its base is a robust 1.6 inches. Wider base and superb size proportioning from the king to the pawn exhibits true intricate craftsmanship in all the pieces. Along with the unique long, downward-pointing head of the knight, what makes this reproduction so unique is how it feels in your hand. To create the dark side of this set, pieces are actually burnt followed by the final carving and design work. These techniques create a beautiful contrast between the blackened areas and the natural boxwood color underneath. We then polished them in high gloss lacquer which gives the chess pieces a smooth shining surface. The set is entirely handmade in India and weighted for prodigious hand-feel and a very nice thud on the wooden chess board.

The opposing pieces are made of natural boxwood which is traditionally used for white side. It is one of the fairly easy woods to work with and shows off aesthetic detail. The set comes with free extra queens for effortless pawn promotion. All chess pieces have billiard board green felt pads on their bases which give you the smooth movement on the chess board. 

History: In the 1950s and 1960s the Zagreb chess set was one of the most popular chess sets used at the major international chess tournaments. It gained popularity when it was used in the World Championship Candidates Match that was held in Bied, Zagreb in 1959.

 photo Conrad Conero_2.jpg

Design & Quality:  

Appropriately weighted these pieces are very stable on board and a pleasure to touch and feel. Each piece is meticulously carved by hand to give it a rich and long lasting shine. The design, quality, and craftsmanship of these chess pieces is unmatched and that is what made them favorite of the masses. The result of this hard work of these master craftsmen is a truly wonderful design and a masterpiece which any connoisseur will admire.

The original Zagreb chess sets are selling at thousands of dollars, but that is not every what every chess collector can spend on a hobby. chessbazaar worked very hard to take out this repro design at very affordable price without compromising on quality so that every chess enthusiast can buy and admire the beauty of this chess set.

About Chessboard: 

Made in Spain - This classic 24" wooden chess board is finest of the chess board a chess player or collector can have. Crafted from Black Dyed Poplar (dark) and White Erable (light) veneer* this chess board features a Matt finish.

The size of the board is 23.6" x 23.6" (60 cm x 60 cm) with square size of 2.36" x 2.36" (60 mm x 60 mm).The board is 13 mm thick.

Why Veneer Chess Board

  • Veneered chess boards have a long life and durability.  
  • Their finish and quality are much better.
  • They are lightweight and hence easy to carry.

Package Includes : 34 Chessmen(2 extra queens included) & 1 chess board. 

Disclaimer: Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.

Caution: These chess pieces are neither waterproof nor UV-resistant


Shipping: We offer FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world. For North America, UK, Australia, Europe, and India the item will be shipped by FedEx expedited service and for Latin America, Russia, Japan and the rest of the world, it will be shipped by India Post Regd. Parcel. Delivery period may vary from 4-6 days for FedEx and 15-25 days for Registered Parcel. We assure you that you won't pay any additional taxes or customs duty after your payment at chessbazaar.com. Know More

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