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History of chess set

Chess is one of the oldest games that have intrigued mankind. Having said to be originated around 1500 years ago in India, chess then travelled to Persia. After being conquered by the Arabs, the game of chess further travelled to southern Europe. Since its origin in the 6th century AD, chess has gone through several changes in form of the movements of the pieces and rules etc. But the general outlay of the game has been the same.

The chess board consisting of 64 squares has also been experimented with and so has been the pieces used in the game. Innumerable materials have been used for the boards and the pieces. Though the wooden chess sets have been the most popular. Other than that plastic chess boards and chess pieces are also preferred for their durability and easy maintenance.

But where passion is involved, we want extravagance. Thus came in the trend of chess sets made of crystal and marble and glass and the use of other precious metals and stones. In the early days, the kings and the nobles who were fond of the game had the most lavish chess sets where only beauty and style was the consideration and no heed was paid to the cost.

But now the chess boards and chess pieces have come a long way and you can find chess sets in any material you desire. There are online chess stores that provide you with a variety of chess sets.

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