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The California Chrome Staunton Series Chess Set in Bud Rose / Box wood - 4.1" King





Quick Overview

Material: Bud Rose Wood/ Boxwood (Gardenia latifolia)

Dimensions:   King Height -   4.17" (106 mm)    
                       King Base - 2.0" (51 mm)
                       Pawn Height - 2.48" (63 mm)   
                       Pawn Base -  1.41" (36 mm)

You're getting: 34 pieces (2 extra queens); Board and Storage Box is not included. You can buy them extra from our store.

2400 grams (84.65 oz)Please note that the weight in each set is added manually so the final weight of the set can vary by plus or minus (±) 10%.

Recommended Board Size
: (2.3")/(60mm) square size.

Shipping: FedEx 4-6 days delivery for North America, UK, AU, EU, IN
                   IndiaPost 15-25 days delivery for rest of the world - Know More

: Taxes/Customs charges are included.

Chess Pieces Details Height Base
King 4.17" (106 mm)
2.0" (51 mm)
Queen    3.85" (98 mm)
  1.85" (47 mm)
Bishop  3.58" (91 mm)
 1.77" (45 mm)
Knight  3.03" (77 mm)
1.77" (45 mm)
Rook  2.59" (66 mm) 1.77" (45 mm)
Pawn  2.48" (63 mm)
1.41" (36 mm)
Total Weight Of Chess Set 2400 grams (84.65 oz)
Dark Pieces Bud Rose Wood
Light Pieces Box Wood
Recommended Board Size  (2.3")/(60mm) sq.

Features: Introducing The California Chrome Series Chess Set offering a 4.1" King with a base diameter of 2.0".  This Chess Set is triple weighted and the chess pieces have been fixed with thick green felt on their base. The dark pieces are made in bud rose wood and the lighter pieces are made in boxwood. The set comprises of a complete set of 34 pieces including two extra queens.

 photo california_chrome.jpg

The knight in this chess set is dedicated to California Chrome, the American Horse of the year 2014. California Chrome is an American thoroughbred racehorse which won the 2014 Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. The knights in the set has been meticulously hand carved and polished to give them beautiful finish. The set is nicely weighted making it a pleasure to hold and to play with.  

Package Includes: 34 Chessmen only (2 extra queens included). Chess Board NOT included in this sale. 


Disclaimer: The product pictures on the webpage have been taken under artificial lighting, so the actual product color may vary slightly due to photographic lighting or depending your monitor settings.

Caution: These chess pieces are neither waterproof nor UV-resistant.


Shipping: We offer FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world. For North America, UK, Australia, Europe, and India the item will be shipped by FedEx expedited service and for Latin America, Russia, Japan and the rest of the world, it will be shipped by India Post Regd. Parcel. Delivery period may vary from 4-6 days for FedEx and 15-25 days for Registered Parcel. We assure you that you won't pay any additional taxes or customs duty after your payment at chessbazaar.com. Know More 

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Customer Reviews
Chess Mastery Review by Alfmeister
It is just a real pleasure to lay out the pieces and play. They come alive. The texture. The finesse art. The feel. The weight. All around set made for the ones that like the fine things of life. Beautiful set to play, or just to have on your showcase. But most of all, the story behind the set. Quality like no other. I will just keep on adding more sets to my collection. Thank for your fine work. (Posted on 12/2/2016)
Astonishing artisan work! Review by Israel Farias
I backordered these chess pieces and for two months waited in extreme antecipation for them to arrive. I was a bit afraid of what they would really look like. Not that they would be ugly, I've had researched enough about chessbazaar to know better, but the bar was set so high in my mind that I thought it would result inevitably in disappointment. Boy, was I wrong! These chess pieces surpassed my wildest expectations, they are just as beautiful as in all the pictures. I can't wait to buy my next set. (Posted on 9/28/2016)

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