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Travel Sets

The best part of being a chess player is that you don't need any major equipment, open space or a field to play chess. All you need is a small chess set and you can start the game whenever your fancy strikes. Our traveling chess set range caters to the chess fanatics who want to carry their game where ever they go whenever they want.

These traveling chess sets are small, compact and the best part is they are most affordable. Our traveling chess set range contains magnetic chess sets so you can use them even while you are on the move. These chess sets are fixed with adequately strong magnets in the base which will hold the pieces even when you are traveling. As most of these sets are folding they take the bare minimum of your luggage space.

Depending on your taste, you can buy traveling chess set from a large variety of designs and sizes. Some of our magnetic chess sets folds into the box which are fitted with a soft casing with punched slots to put in each chessmen. Some sets are fixed with a drawer to put in the pieces. We also offer round shaped traveling chess sets.

So go ahead, you need not wait to reach the destination to play your favorite game.

Travel Sets

Minimal Price: $42.99

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