How to improve your chess game?

1. Know how to play chess: The first and the foremost thing is to learn how to play chess, it is an obvious tip but everything has to have a perfect start. Play slow games often and analyze them later with the help of a stronger player.


2. Practice: Practice makes a man perfect so more you practice playing chess more will you improve. The tendency to learn tricks and win the game will get higher and higher. Every time you will end up learning something new.

3. Study openings: You need to know the common openings carefully so that you are familiar with the tips and tricks of the game. Try to figure out the overall plan, even if you are unable to track the individual detail of the moves.
4. Focus on the tactics: Focus on what and how you want to accomplish. Keep a track on all the moves in your brain and studying tactics will improve your chess skills a lot quicker than anything else. Imagining situations will make you more clear about the game. Know different kinds of mating nets and general strategy.

5. Use a smaller chess board while practicing: With a smaller chess board, you can concentrate better as you don’t have to move your eyes around so much. It helps individuals who have trouble paying attention to details, strong/ weak squares, hanging pieces, tactical positions, and possible traps.

6. Practice online: If you have difficulty finding a partner to practice with you. Play online! There are many online players from all around the world, and you can play chess with different active people on chess websites for as many number of hours you want.

7. Research: Read, study and research more and more about the chess, players, moves, tactics, skills etc from the net. This will encourage you and help to you add further knowledge to your existing ability.

8. Enjoy the game but pay attention: While playing make sure you take it easy and have fun while learning something new from each game. It will boost your confidence for future chess games.

9. Study mid and endgames– At higher levels, there will be more and more positions where you will have to know mid- game tactics to move forward to the end game, a key characteristic of you chess.


10. Replay the game of good players: It is an easy way to improve your chess skills. You can replay many games by openings, player name, tournament, board position, position fragment, and material balance and so on.

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