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Online Hand-crafted Wooden Staunton Chess Sets from chessbazaar®

With a huge range of handmade Staunton Chess Sets, chessbazaar® strives to provide best and high-quality chess sets to our customers at most affordable prices. Started in 2007, we have been serving chess collectors, players and enthusiasts by providing the best and most affordable chess sets all over the world. chessbazaar® is focused to provide the best online shopping experience to our buyers by providing vast range of unique wooden chess sets, quick and reliable after sales service and lifetime warranty. chessbazaar® is the largest chess manufacturer of Chess Pieces, Chess Boards, Chess Set Combos, Chess Accessories, Chess Storage Boxes, DGT Chess Clocks, and Travelling Sets. Our USP is FREE Shipping worldwide.
Our online chess store justifies quality and commitment as we work around the clock to the most unique, tournament, traditional, vintage and English chess sets which are great for casual playing at schools, clubs, and home. We have unique and personalized chess gifts that are just right for every occasion, designed and handcrafted with great care by our artisans. Wooden chess set is an exclusive item for a gift as well as home decor.

Antique Reproduced Chess Sets - Craftsmanship at its best!

chessbazaar.com is based in India. We use some of the most beautiful woods to manufacture chess sets. Some of the woods used are Sheesham, Ebony, Boxwood, Padauk, Rosewood and the pieces and boards are buff and Lacquer polished. Apart from this, chessbazaar.com has an extensive range of reproduced antique chess sets in Camel Bone and Antiqued Wood. Don't forget to check out our blog where you can find new chess products, tactics, moves, and tricks to improve your chess game online. Get started and try out to achieve your dream chess set by using our custom chess set order feature.


Lifetime Warranty - GUARANTEED!

Shopping with chessbazaar® is easy. We assure our customers that what they buy from us will reach to them on time and in pristine condition. We take great pride in our packaging and if an item is damaged in transit we assure a free replacement or refund. To ensure safe and secure shopping experience, we accept payment by PayPal and have tied up with 2 Checkout for processing payment through Credit Card, Discover Card, and American Express cards. We have tied up with FedEx, DHL and IndiaPost for expedited shipping around the globe and we provide FREE shipping for all our items. We are world's leading chess supplier and have the widest range of wooden chess sets made with the finest quality.

What Our Customers are Saying
Buy 1959 Reproduced Russian Zagreb Staunton Series Chess Set  Online
Posted On: 18 Sep, 2018
Review By: Kos
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
It really is a quality product and well packed for delivery. The pieces are well weighted and have a solid feel to them. I paired it with a Dal Rossi 50cm Mosaic Finish Chess Board and it looks magical.
Buy Exclusive Russian Zagreb Chess Pieces in Ebonized Boxwood Online
Posted On: 18 Sep, 2018
Review By: A Dragon of the North who lives in the South
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
So I splashed out and brought myself this set, a large Zargreb set (Russian, so it says, but then Zagreb is in Croatia!). At first I thought cool and wow these are large and had to make a suitable sized chess board. I was going to pick up a different set but went with this one, lucky I got it a good discounted price, so keep an eye out for those (that'll be my next set...discount yo!). The pieces are nicely made and coloured. I was drawn to the knight and Rook, and on closer inspection the Bishops are boob heads ahah. The real deal with these is when you start to play with them, the size, the shape, the weight all very nice. I am very happy with this set. Good work Chessbaazar. I'll be back.
Buy Reproduced Ferocious Knights 1890's Russian Tournament Chess Set Online
Posted On: 16 Sep, 2018
Review By: Chess Praxis
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
My impression of this 1890 Soviet Furocious knight set is a fubulous legion ever produce by Chess Bazaar which truly set a pace amonsgt all Soviet Chess set that I have collected
Buy The Imperial Collector Series (Sinquefield Cup 2014) Chess Set V2.0  Online
Posted On: 16 Sep, 2018
Review By: Chess Praxis
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
My latest acquisition of the Sequenfield 2014 chess set exude beyond my imagination because the set was remarkably well made and truly to the exact details of the chess pieces themself. Each and every individual pieces are very well balance and robustly made.
Buy Combo of French Warrior Luxury Chess Set in Ebony & Box Wood Online
Posted On: 15 Sep, 2018
Review By: Tim M
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
I was surprised how fast the set came. It was at my front door two days before I expect it. Very beautiful set. The pieces are nicely weighted, beautifully carved and the board is beautiful. Excellent overall deal. I would highly recommend Chessbazaar.com for sets and pieces.
Buy Reproduced Circa 1852 Harrwitz Staunton Pattern Chess Set Online
Posted On: 15 Sep, 2018
Review By: Holger Langer
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
I came to own this set by mere chance. Some time ago, I ordered the last specimen of a set discontinued by Chessbazaar, but it was unfortunately unfit for dispatch. As a replacement, Chessbazaar kindly offered me their new 1852 Harrwitz Staunton Pattern. I am glad I accepted this offer, because this is a truly remarkable reproduction. With a size of 4.5", it is for sure bigger than the original, but the pieces are great for play and the design is a real eye catcher. The shape of the Knights is wonderful and it is a pure pleasure to hold the heavily weighted pieces in your hand. Excellent decision of Chessbazaar to offer this reproduction. I can highly recommend it to both, players and collectors, and I am sure that it will be a great success. I might add one thing, though, because the antiqued boxwood of the white pieces looks much more yellowish in reality than the pictures on Chessbazaar's website suggest. At least the colour of my specimen looks more like in the pictures of the 1849 Staunton set. This, however, should not influence the decision to purchase this set, because it is one of the greatest sets available by Chessbazaar, nonetheless.
Buy The Defender Luxury Series Staunton Chessmen Online
Posted On: 13 Sep, 2018
Review By: Robert Gamble
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
I have purchased several chess sets from Chessbazaar over the last 12 months. They have all been very high quality but this one is my current favorite. The bases and compound collars provide an elegant flair, the finials on the King and Queen are distinctive and classy, the mitre of the Bishop is perfectly "scooped", and the Rooks possess stately and well finished battlements. While all of the pieces are a work of art, the Knight really stands out with a wonderfully majestic design that is flawlessly executed. The head and ears are expertly carved, the asymmetric lower mane is a nice touch, and the entire piece has a very clean look and feel. Chessbazaar has many sets with great Knights (the Indian-American and Ferocious Elite series being two of my favorites) but the Knights in this set are as good as it gets. As is typical for Chessbazaar, the workmanship is top notch. All of the pieces are well buffed and polished, the sizes and weights are very consistent, and there are no noticeable defects in the craftsmanship or flaws in the wood. The pieces are all level with felt pads that are perfectly cut, centered, and glued to the bottoms of the pieces. There is no glue, wood dust, or residue on any of the pieces. One of the black Bishops I received had some minor damage (chipping on the compound collar and a dent on the front of the mitre) but Mayank from support was quick to ship a replacement which was as flawless as the rest of the set. Chessbazaar's customer service is consistently responsive and helpful. The set is advertised as having a mass of approximately 1800 grams and the one I received was 1805 grams. While the pieces aren't too light, they are not as heavily weighted as many of the other luxury sets Chessbazaar sells. This is something to keep in mind if you are accustomed to the heftier pieces. As always, the set was received within 4 days of placing the order from India to the US and packaged with great care.
Buy Wooden Checkers / Draught Set in Sheesham & Box wood Online
Posted On: 12 Sep, 2018
Review By: Bypol
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
I am surprised by the quality of wood and the shape. I can compare it with other pieces of wood from checkers in the international market and it is one of the best I have seen. The shipment was fast. I am satisfied with the purchase.
Buy The Dominator Weighted Staunton Chess Pieces Online
Posted On: 08 Sep, 2018
Review By: Frederic Woodbridge
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
Shipping on this is fantastic. In 48 hours, I had the set in my hands, all the way from India to the pacific northwest of the United States. Amazing. The quality is outstanding, with a few marks on the black pieces that I had to rub off though some marks are still stubborn. Craftsmanship is superb and the weight and feel of the pieces are excellent--for the price, the value is very hard to beat. I am quite pleased with the process and wouldn't you know it? I'm looking for the next bargain already. Thank you.

Chessbazaar customer stories

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