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Online Hand-crafted Wooden Staunton Chess Sets from chessbazaar®

With a huge range of handmade Staunton Chess Sets, chessbazaar® strives to provide best and high-quality chess sets to our customers at most affordable prices. Started in 2007, we have been serving chess collectors, players and enthusiasts by providing the best and most affordable chess sets all over the world. chessbazaar® is focused to provide the best online shopping experience to our buyers by providing vast range of unique wooden chess sets, quick and reliable after sales service and lifetime warranty. chessbazaar® is the largest chess manufacturer of Chess Pieces, Chess Boards, Chess Set Combos, Chess Accessories, Chess Storage Boxes, DGT Chess Clocks, and Travelling Sets. Our USP is FREE Shipping worldwide.
Our online chess store justifies quality and commitment as we work around the clock to the most unique, tournament, traditional, vintage and English chess sets which are great for casual playing at schools, clubs, and home. We have unique and personalized chess gifts that are just right for every occasion, designed and handcrafted with great care by our artisans. Wooden chess set is an exclusive item for a gift as well as home decor.

Antique Reproduced Chess Sets - Craftsmanship at its best!

chessbazaar.com is based in India. We use some of the most beautiful woods to manufacture chess sets. Some of the woods used are Sheesham, Ebony, Boxwood, Padauk, Rosewood and the pieces and boards are buff and Lacquer polished. Apart from this, chessbazaar.com has an extensive range of reproduced antique chess sets in Camel Bone and Antiqued Wood. Don't forget to check out our blog where you can find new chess products, tactics, moves, and tricks to improve your chess game online. Get started and try out to achieve your dream chess set by using our custom chess set order feature.


Lifetime Warranty - GUARANTEED!

Shopping with chessbazaar® is easy. We assure our customers that what they buy from us will reach to them on time and in pristine condition. We take great pride in our packaging and if an item is damaged in transit we assure a free replacement or refund. To ensure safe and secure shopping experience, we accept payment by PayPal and have tied up with 2 Checkout for processing payment through Credit Card, Discover Card, and American Express cards. We have tied up with FedEx, DHL and IndiaPost for expedited shipping around the globe and we provide FREE shipping for all our items. We are world's leading chess supplier and have the widest range of wooden chess sets made with the finest quality.

What Our Customers are Saying
Buy Special Edition St. Petersburg Luxury Artisan Series Chess Set Online
Posted On: 15 Nov, 2018
Review By: Rufelder
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
Beautiful set. The set was sent promptly and was expertly wrapped and boxed. It is more impressive than on the site. I am blown away and extremely satisfied.
Buy Reproduced Vintage 1950's Circa Bohemia Staunton Series German Chess Set Online
Posted On: 13 Nov, 2018
Review By: Francis
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
I have had this set for little over a year and I can confidently state that this one is by far my "all-time favorite". The set is a near-perfect recreation of the original. All of its pieces are stunning. I like how tall the rooks are, how slim the bishops are with the little-colored dots that distinguish them from pawns when you look at them from above, and of course the "Dragon Knights"! These knights do not have little round eyes like cartoon characters, and the impression of the eyes comes from the bumps and edges of the design, which in my opinion, make them look even more serious, dangerous and combat ready. I have purchased other sets from Chessbazaar (including one of their luxury series) but this one is the one I cherish and use the most.
Buy The Antique 19th Century Early Staunton Chess Set Online
Posted On: 9 Nov, 2018
Review By: Radu
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
Have recently discovered Chesbazaar.com. I can say Chesbazaar is a serious and modern enterprise who operates a very good working platform, from the manufacture to customer contact and shipping to the end buyers. To me, it looks like a company that is constantly evolving. After much consideration, I have ordered The Antique 19th Century Early Staunton Chess Set in Ebony & Antiqued Boxwood with King Side Stamping - 3.4" King. I took advantage of the October sale and I got a very good price. The delivery time (from India to Romania) as stated on their site was very well respected and items were carefully packed. The package arrived straight to my door in Bucharest without any problems. Pieces look great, very well machined, knights finely carved. Eyes, ears, teeth, nostrils, typical Staunton cuts are all well done. Well-balanced design. The proportions between pieces were mindfully kept. I don’t like, for instance, chess sets were rooks (towers) – which are strong pieces in the game – are too small compared to knights and bishops, almost resembling pawns (like in some ‘French’ sets). Pieces have large bases. I even checked on the extra ebony queen to see how the weight was laid. I removed the green felt and then I scratched away a plaster/cement layer to reveal the weight which looks like good old led. Excellent! And the ebony is genuine too! Both the boxwood (for the white pieces) and the ebony (for the black) used for this set are quality wood. I'm very happy with this purchase. I will surely buy again from Chessbazaar, I already have a couple of other chess sets saved at Favorites.
Buy The French Warrior Luxury Chess Set Online
Posted On: 4 Nov, 2018
Review By: In My Journey to Chess Mastery
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
Get an unboxing view, but still not as cool like the live view: https://youtu.be/etaSPNMLgiU Very nice crafted knights, very original pawns and beautiful pieces overall but amazing Finished type: Lacquer (Glossy). It will take care of the wood from oxidation and it gives them a very nice shiny look. I like them so much that I take them to my USCF tournaments and did a forum for open discussion in: https://www.chess.com/forum/view/general/why-to-buy-luxury-chess-pieces?newCommentCount=1 If you would like to see more pictures and a video to have different views, check the forum out. Comments are all welcome.
Buy Alban Series Wooden Chess Pieces in Sheesham & Box Wood Online
Posted On: 3 Nov, 2018
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
I'm very impressed with the Alban set. Its weight is perfect and the quality of the handwork is just above average. But what i most like about my purchase is the incredible shipping time (5 days to Mexico!) and the wonderful attention from chessbazaar.
Buy New 1950 Dubrovnik Bobby Fischer Reproduced Chess Set Version 2.0 Online
Posted On: 2 Nov, 2018
Review By: Simon
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
This set looks really nice. Color is amazing, pieces are nicely weighted. I am happy with purchase.
Buy The Hurricane Series Staunton Luxury Chess Pieces Online
Posted On: 1 Nov, 2018
Review By: martykee1
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
Beautiful Chess Set !!!!!!!! Very well made.
Buy 1972 Reproduced Fischer-Spassky Staunton Pattern Chess Set V2.0 Online
Posted On: 01 Nov, 2018
Review By: nimzo
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
The chess pieces are truly beautiful and with a great sense of antiquity. Absolutely magnificent.

Chessbazaar customer stories

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