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These luxury wooden checkers are made in India by our quality artisans. These beautiful hand-carved wooden checkers add a classic feel to your game. These wooden checkers are made up of high-quality materials and are totally made from premium wood (not inlaid) and features an elegant feel and finish, with perfectly contrasting round circles. They are available in Sheesham, Ebony, Boxwood and Bud Rosewood.

Like Chess Set, Chess Pieces & Backgammon, Checkers is also one of the oldest two-player board games combined with strategy and a little bit of luck. This board game is known as "Draughts" in Europe and "Checkers" in North America. The exact origin of checkers is a great mystery but It was probably played around 3000 B.C and originated in Iraq—previously Mesopotamia. It is thought that the earliest form of checkers was a game discovered in an archeological dig at Ur in Iraq called Alquerque. However, at that time the game used a slightly different board, a different number of pieces and no one is quite certain of the exact rules. Checkers is also one of the most popular board game in most bars & restaurants.

Like Chess & BackGammon, the best part of being a player is that you don't need any major equipment, open space or a field to play checkers. All you need is a perfect Chess Board, checkers and you can start the game whenever your fancy strikes.