Reproduced Antique Chess Pieces Set

Reproduced Antique Chess Sets

Collecting Antique Chess Sets is a hobby for the select few due to the high costs and scarcity of good sets. The Antique Chess Sets, if available, are so expensive that everyone cannot afford these. Moreover, most of the antique chess sets are not in very good condition and it costs a substantial sum to restore these sets.

chessbazaar offers a complete range of unique antique chess sets at most affordable prices. Our reproduced Antique Design Chess Sets come in a variety of exotic woods such as rosewood, bud rosewood, Sheesham wood and ebony wood. Our master craftsmen have reproduced the antique Ivory chess sets in camel bone as well. Antique chess sets reproduced by us are brand new, unused and they can be used to play the game unlike the genuine antique chess pieces which are good for display only.

Our reproduced Antique Chess Sets collection is available in different colors, sizes and designs. We also have a great collection of Reproduced Jaques vintage collection, the Russian Vintage collection, European vintage repro chess collection which is as rare as their originals. Some of our best sellers are the Dubrovnik chess pieces and Romanian Hungarian chess set to name a few. We also offer a great variety of wooden, PVC and veneer chess boards in different sizes and woods.

To protect your finest collection of Antique reproductions, we have a wide variety of . We stand by our products and offer a limited lifetime warranty.