If someone else isn't making it for you, make it happen yourself.
-Lauren Miller

We at chessbazaar will be more than glad to make the chess set that you always wanted but could not find or it was way too expensive to buy one from some other seller.

How to Custom Order a set

Send us your specifications including pictures, size, wood, drawings etc if any. We will send you the quote and lead time for the same. Upon your approval, you pay 50%* upfront the cost of set. We notify you once the set is ready, you pay the balance and we ship the set to you.

*Once ordered the custom sets cannot be cancelled, changed or refunded.


Our Custom Designs

The following are some of the designs which we custom made for our esteemed customers and now they are our bestsellers.


We are eagerly waiting for your information so that we can make the custom sets that you have always wanted.