The Birth of the Staunton Pattern Design

The word “Staunton” in the “Staunton Chess Sets” has been derived from the famous chess master Howard Staunton. English chess master ‘Howard Staunton’ was one of the greatest chess player in the years between 1843 & 1851. It was due to his efforts that England became the one of the major chess centre in late 19th Century. He was not only a chess player, but also a chess promoter, writer and organizer. The Staunton Pattern Chess Set was designed in 1859 by Nathaniel and Jaques of London approved their manufacturing rights. Howard Staunton advertised this chess set made by Nathaniel and the set became popular under the name Staunton chess set. These chess sets have been used all over the world in all major tournaments since. Some common attributes you may find in all Staunton pieces are wide moulded base, Knight basically has head and neck like a horse, King has a stylish crown with cross pattee, Queen is slightly smaller than king with a small round ball mount on her head, Rooks feature stylized crenellated battlements and bishops a Western-style mitre. Pawns are the smallest pieces in the game with round head.

Unfortunately, finding a good and accurate Staunton chess set and matching chess board is not that easy. Most of the online chess stores are selling their chess pieces and chess boards separately either for a casual chess player or for a newbie; it is quite difficult task to match the chess pieces with a correct matching chess board. To make it easier for everyone to choose the right chess pieces with the right board, we have added the matching appropriate sized chess board as “option recommended” on our every product listing of chess pieces.



If you are looking for chess board to match an existing set of pieces then keep these points in your mind before picking up the one.

Staunton chess pieces are available in different colors, materials, sizes and weights. When matching pieces to a chess board, the size and wood color must be considered. The chess board should be approximately half (in cm) the height of the King (in mm).

Here are some predefined standard sizes:

70mm chess king suits a 40cm chess board

85mm chess king suits a 45-50cm chess board.

95mm chess king suits a 50-55cm chess board.

105mm-110mm chess king suits a 55cm-60cm chess board.

Note: If you can’t find your chess piece dimensions in a given standard size chart then use a larger chessboard square by up to 25%. Buying a smaller square size board will risk crowding the pieces. We have a great range of veneer chess boards, tournament chess boards. Please explore here.

Our Staunton chess pieces range starts from as low as $46 with a variety of sizes and woods. Every single listing of the chess pieces on our website is matched up with a suitable chess board. Browse our Staunton range here.

Some Examples of Popular Staunton Chess Sets

Reproduced 1849 Staunton Pattern Chess Set in Ebony / Antiqued Box wood with King Side Stamping – 4.4″ King
The Staunton Series Hand Crafted Wooden Chess Pieces in Sheesham & Box Wood - 4.0" King
The Staunton Series Hand Crafted Wooden Chess Pieces in Sheesham & Box Wood – 4.0″ King
Tournament Series Staunton Chess Pieces with German Knight - 3.7" King
Tournament Series Staunton Chess Pieces with German Knight – 3.7″ King


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