Understanding Types of Chess Woods

Sheesham wood

Sheesham wood is the most popular Indian wood across the globe known for its durability, natural rich grains, and longevity. The heartwood of sheesham ranges from golden brown to a darker reddish brown .Being hard wood, it copes with the stresses and strains of everyday use. Sheesham has a straight grain though it can be interlocked and wood has a good natural luster.The solid wood has natural grains which varies from piece to piece, thus making each and every chess piece unique. Wood comes directly from the source, treated for termite-resistance, seasoned and put to use to make awesome chess sets which lasts and just lasts with all its grace and lusture. Shop Sheesham Wood Chess Sets


Boxwood has a fine, even texture with a natural luster. Color of the boxwood tends to be a light cream to yellow, which tends to darken slightly with prolonged exposure to light. The grain tends to be straight or slightly irregular. It is superbly suited for turning. Boxwood is also easily available and hence the chess pieces made from boxwood are cheaper than other woods. But the beautifully carved chess pieces look as attractive as the expensive woods. Shop Boxwood Chess Sets

Ebonized boxwood

Boxwood is sometimes substituted for Ebony because it is much easier to find and is available at reasonable prices. Regular boxwood is light in color and usually used for the white pieces and it is  ebonized for use as black pieces because it’s cheaper than real ebony. At www.chessbazaar.com you can find number of reasonable chess sets made from ebonized boxwood, that are very much like the real ebony chess pieces. Shop Ebonized boxwood Chess Sets

Ebony wood

Ebony is a dense black wood. Black Ebony is one of the most valuable and expensive types of wood in the world. Black Ebony is prized for the black color of its wood that grows denser and blacker the older the tree. Heartwood is usually jet-black, with little to no variation or visible grain. It has fine even texture with very high natural luster. It is finely-textured and has a very smooth finish when polished, making ebony a valuable beautiful chess wood. Shop Ebony Wood Chess Sets


Rosewood is a classic wood, also known as Indian Rosewood. The wood of these trees is prized and in high demand throughout the world due to its excellent qualities of having a long straight bore, its strength, remarkable coloration and its high density, which makes it another luxury chess wood with ebony. Very hard and has a dark reddish brown color. Rosewoods also exhibit very dark streaks along their growth rings, creating striking patterns. The wood is also extremely resistant to rot and water damage. It is hard to work with rosewood and takes high polish, but after all the difficulties, chess sets and chess boards made from rosewood are grand feast for the eyes. Shop Rosewood Chess Sets

Bud rosewood

Bud rosewood is again a type of rosewood. Its source is rosewood but the quality of the bud rosewood is much higher than the ordinary rosewood. Rosewood is reddish brown in color but bud rosewood is more on reddish tone. The very superior quality wood makes it an expensive and luxury chess wood. Shop Bud Rosewood Chess Sets

Palisander wood

Palisander wood is a part of rosewood family. Palisander wood has a great beauty and high value. The wood has dense close grains and the tone is slightly lighter than the Indian Rosewood. The wood comes in various tones and the rate of the chess sets and board depend upon the quality of these tones. Shop Palisander Wood Chess Sets


Walnut is strong, hard and durable, without being excessively heavy. It has excellent woodworking qualities, and takes finishes well. The wood is light to dark chocolate brown in color and is straight-grained. Wavy grain is present toward the roots, and walnut stumps are often dug out and widely used as a source of highly figured veneer chess boards. Shop Walnut Chess Sets

Ash Burl

Burl ash wood is generally darker than regular ash and is noted for its rich pattern of swirls, twists and turns. The abnormality of burl, combined with the availability of ash, make this wood especially popular among chess board manufacturers. The wayward grains of burl ash wood give it a unique beauty that is fitting for the world’s most exquisite decor. Ash burl is widely used for structural frames and highly durable and even veneer chess boards are made out of it. Shop Ash Burl Chess Items


Maple is a pale cream color when first cut, but will darken to light yellow or pale reddish brown with exposure to sunlight. Maple is easy to cut and shape, and sands to a smooth, even surface. Maple may be common, but it can look uncommonly beautiful when treated correctly. Maple is hard and resistant. Its diffused evenly sized pores give the wood a fine texture and even grain. With these qualities Maple is extensively used for making very durable and quality veneer chess boards. Shop Maple Chess Items

Chessbazaar.com offers a largest variety of chess sets and chess boards at the most reasonable prices made from these high quality and exclusive woods available in the world.

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