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Bone Pieces

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Ivory was extensively used to carve chess pieces in the 18th and 19th century but with worldwide ban on elephant ivory the same designs which were earlier made in ivory have been copied on camel bone. Camel bone chess pieces have a unique and natural classic look. These pieces have been hand carved by master craftmen and there are very few craftsmen left who do justice to this artform. At chessbazaar, you can buy camel bone chess pieces online at very affordable prices and our quality is of highest standard as we work with the best artisans in the field. We have a huge collection of camel bone chess pieces which are available in different colours like black, white, green and red. We have a wide range of bone chess pieces including handcarved camel bone lotus chess sets, reproduced camel bone captain cook chess set, other antique designs of chess sets reproduced in camel bone, calvert chess set in bone.

We make sure the raw camel bone is procured from Govt. certified suppliers from Rajasthan only. The camel bone is procured from naturally dead animals and no animal is harmed, killed or subjected to any kind of curelty to procure the bones.

Bone Pieces

Minimal Price: $177.99

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