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Chess Boards

The pleasure and excitement of a chess game increases many fold when you lay the pieces on a beautiful wooden chess board. Like the chess pieces, the chess board is equally important as the game moves around on the chess board. If you already have a set of chess pieces and you want to buy a chess board online then you are at a right place. Our chess boards made from the inlaid exotic woods such as ebony, rosewood, sheesham, and bud rosewood are truly a work of art just like our chess pieces

To calculate the best chess board size for your chess set, you need to know the size of the base of the king. Multiply the size of base of king by 4/3 to get the minimum square size of the board. For example, a set with 2" king base will next 2 x 4/3 = 2.66" square sized board.

We offer these chess boards in different sizes starting from 17 inches upto 23 inches. We also have a nice range of folding chess boards of different sizes. If you don't have pieces or board and want both as a combination, you can go to our category chess sets.

Chess Boards

Minimal Price: $99.99

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