How to Set Up a Chess Board

The first and foremost rule in start of game of chess is placement of the chess board. Always remember – light on right. Meaning the light colored square is always on the right hand side of the player.

Now comes the placement of the Rooks/Castles. These are placed on the four squares on the outer squares of the board. For example in the picture above, light rook will be placed in Rank 1 and the dark rook will be placed in Rank 8.

Next to Rooks is the place of Knights.

Next to knights is Bishops.

Next to Bishops comes the Queen, second most important piece in a chess set after the king. But always remember that the queen always sits in the color of its square. So the white/light colored square will have queen.

The king comes next to the queen. The front row of all these pieces is filled by the pawns.

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