The first month of the year 2018 saw plenty of announcements. But The Reproduced 1940 Soviet Club Chess Set in Ebony / Antiqued Boxwood undoubtedly takes the cake last month and the fans are lining up to get one. As we get closer to Valentine’s day the calm before the storm has started to settle in. We are already running our massive Valentine’s Day Sale. As we send off the first month of 2018, let’s look back and see what new announcements have been made last month.

Reproduced 1940 Soviet Club Chess Set in Ebony / Antiqued Boxwood
The Grand Cigar Divan Chess Set from the famous Simpson’s-in-the-Strand
Genuine Leather Chess Board with Built-in Storage in Black Anigre & Red Ash Burl Color
Genuine Leather Roll-up Backgammon Set in Black & Brown Color
Genuine Leather Tic Tac Toe in Black & Brown Color
Genuine Leather Folding Backgammon Set in Black & Brown Color

A bunch of new chess items was announced last month, but none shines brighter than the Reproduced 1940 Soviet Club Chess Set in Ebony / Antiqued Boxwood. Reproduced 1940 Soviet Club Chess Set’s dark pieces are made of genuine Ebony wood and the light pieces are made of Antiqued Boxwood. The King proudly stands at 4.05″ tall with a base diameter of 1.73″. We’ve implemented new antique finish process in this chess set: The new antique finish is accomplished through an innovative four-step process of color and rotational 3-D polishing for a uniform finish. This new antique finish even prevents pieces from cracks and splits. Shop Now>

Reproduced 1940 Soviet Club Chess Set in Ebony / Antiqued Box woodNext, on the list is The Grand Cigar Divan Chess Set from the famous Simpson’s-in-the-Strand. Reproduced Grand Cigar Divan Chess Set offers a 4.3″ King with a base diameter of 1.6″ and all chess pieces are non-weighted and non-felted as per the original design of the chess set. Shop Now->The Grand Cigar Divan Chess Set from the famous Simpson's-in-the-Strand

Genuine Leather Chess Board with Built-in Storage in Black Anigre & Red Ash Burl Color is Made in India by our adept artisans, this magnificent leather chess board in black anigre & red ash burl color comes with two separate drawers(one for each side), which keeps your chess pieces secure when not playing. Shop Now ->

Genuine Leather Chess Board with Built-in Storage in Black Anigre & Red Ash Burl Color

Genuine Leather Roll-up Backgammon Set in Black & Brown Color => Handmade with the finest leather this roll-up backgammon is super lightweight & wrinkle free(*when folded properly). This set is easy to transport compared to the flat and folding backgammon sets, so you can carry this roll-up backgammon easily to your tournaments, clubs, or next door. The set itself is light and thin for easy folding. Shop Now ->

Genuine Leather Roll-up Backgammon Set

Genuine Leather Tic Tac Toe in Black & Brown Color => Handmade with top-notch materials this tic tac toe features a stylish fit and finish, with perfectly contrasting wooden squares. Crosses & knots are also made of high-quality wood. Shop Now->

Genuine Leather Tic Tac Toe in Black & Brown Color

Genuine Leather Folding Backgammon Set in Black & Brown Color => Made from top-notch leather with crisp, clean lines, and features a stylish fit and finish, with perfectly contrasting brown and black stones precisely enveloped with stainless steel. The dices are also made of high quality rigid Stainless steel. Shop Now ->

Genuine Leather Folding Backgammon Set

We’re now into February and getting closer to the President Sale, which kicks off this weekend. So mark the time and start counting down.

15 Life Lessons we can Learn from the Game of Chess!

A chess player is always better prepared to deal with the world. From this game of chess, one learns some critical lessons that can be applied in life also and can lead to victories that are far sweeter than anything achieved on a practical board. Chess players are more intelligent and have more knowledge about everything in general. Playing chess is like playing the game of life. One’s decisions have consequences for the future. We know that each move we make, in life or in a game, determines a unique path for the future. Both require a smart strategy and a confident sense of leadership to reach successful end goals. This strategy-based board game can teach you a lot about life:

1. How you start a game determines how you will finish it. Play wisely.

2. Learn to spot opportunities. There are often clearly defined lines of success that work well. Learn to see these when they repeat, and take advantage of them.

3. Try to simplify the things.

4. Sometimes you get stuck in a position known in chess as zugzwang: where whichever move you make is a bad one. This situation occurs sometimes in our life too.

5. When someone makes a move that you are not able to understand, don’t waste your time reading more into it than you need to. Sometimes people just make silly moves – they are not important.

6. Don’t get pinned down. Where something more cherished cannot be brought into play because it is stuck behind something trivial, make every effort to get it into the game – as soon as possible.

7. Be flexible. If the things do not go as you planned them – adjust and continue.

8. Never rest on your laurels or what you did last time for the problem. Keep thinking, looking for new opportunities and trying to generate new ideas.You cannot solve the same problem with old solutions.

9. Keep calm and move slowly.Chessbazaar Customer Review

10. Replace wishful thinking with action.

11. Don’t be overly impressed with lofty words or titles. Just focus on your goal and do everything possible to achieve it.

12. If you lose, do so graciously and try to learn at least one important lesson.

13. Appraise your position honestly. If it is bad, do something about it – if it is good, make it even better.

14. Don’t get swept up by distractions.

15. Keep your options open and always have an escape route.

Chess Touch Move, Chess, your strategic companion

Have a great life and keep playing chess

“Chess as Art, Science, and Sport” Quote in Brief

We categories the activities into three categories — Painting as art, Physics as science, Football as sport— but if we talk about chess, then it can be plausibly be seen as all three, each with its own conventions. Chess action can be striking, systematic, or strategic. The former world champion Anatoly Karpov claimed in an oft-quoted remark that “chess is everything— art, science, and sport.”Chess story of a player

Let’s see to what extent is this quote valid!

Chess as ART: Chess has got its own style, beautiful moves, and combinations. As the art of beautiful poetry creates magic all around, a Chessmaster also possesses the equal creativity. The way the chess masters moves his chess pieces and turns the game in his favor is absolutely artistic. Best chess games are not only limited to the stage, where it is performed but it is saved as lifetime memory in the minds of the player as well as the audience. Great chess games are breathtaking work of art and where much beauty is found in the elegance of a perfect and inescapable solution to a complex problem. Solving such problems making beautiful combinations is deeply gratifying and reveals aesthetic satisfaction. Combinations are the poetry of the game; they are to Chess what melody is to music. And these combinations can be purely regarded as art.

Playing chess with a wooden chess set

Chess as SCIENCE: About half of the greatest chess players in the world had mathematical or scientific backgrounds. Some people assert that there is always the best chess move in every position. Finding that perfect move involves a powerful logic behind it and that shows about its scientific approach. In the chess world, as in science, knowledge is acquired socially. As games are won and lost, newly “correct” and “objective” approaches to the game are discovered, and advice is reframed. This model suggests that chess theory is metaphorically likened to a science with experimental tests.  Advancement depends on challenges over the board. Players participate in local and extended networks ofBuy Magnetic Travel Chess Set Online knowledge but always based on the recognition of community. Innovation is necessary for grandmasters to dethrone their predecessors; the tactical and strategic approach considers chess as Science.

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Chess as SPORTS: Anatoly Karpov remarked, “Chess is a cruel type of sport. In it, the weight of victory and defeat lies on the shoulders of one man. . . . When you play well and lose, it’s terrible.” Sports means competition. Like the world of Sports, chess games are also competitive. Why is chess so competitive? It is because of the various competitions organized by chess clubs and various chess tournaments held in different parts of the world. Players in tournaments can gain or lose rating points that measure their skill in comparison to other players. Special chess moves in chess tournamentsRatings range from zero (novices start with an assumed rating of 600 but can lose rating points) to over 2800 for a top grandmaster. A rating locates one in a competitive hierarchy and determines in which tournaments one can participate and in which division one can play.  Chess is famously an activity of the mind, with only the slightest movement of light wood pieces. But when we have lengthy games then bodily stress is also involved and the person needs to be physically sound as in other Sports activities.

With all these points mentioned above, we can say that the quote “chess is everything— art, science, and sport” by former world champion Anatoly Karpov proves to be valid.

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Month September of 2017 was dominated by three chess sets. The first was Mustang Series. Mustang series is our premium offering since the St. Petersburg came around. Second one on the list is Limited Edition Reproduced Romanian-Hungarian National Tournament Chess Set & last is Special Edition St. Petersburg Luxury Artisan Series Chess Set. If you think you might have missed the announcements or are simply looking for an orderly recap, the table below should be for you. It also comes complete with links to our respective product page.

The CB Mustang Series Chess Set

Limited Edition Reproduced Romanian-Hungarian National Tournament Chess Set in Lacquer Finished

Special Edition St. Petersburg Luxury Artisan Series Chess Set in Bud Rose / Box Wood (lacquered)

First and foremost on the list is The CB Mustang Series Chess Set. It comes as no surprise that over 50 chess players have already purchased the Mustang Series to show their enthusiasm for the luxury chess sets. The King comes with two beauteous king finials(each side) & proudly stands at 4.4 inches and its base is robust 1.9 inches. Changing the king finials is a quick and easy job. This is a luxury design featuring the magnificently robust and solitary knight. The knights are precision-crafted. We designed and focus tested over 30 variations before finalizing the mane of the knight, it perfectly matches the design. Such crafting process requires prior analysis on the wood material before it is sent for processing. Know More >

The CB Mustang Series Chess Set in Bud Rose / Box Wood - 4.4" King with Storage Box

Next on the list is Limited Edition Reproduced Romanian-Hungarian National Tournament Chess Set in Lacquer Finished. This set also got plenty of attention last month. King proudly stands at 3.85″ tall with a base diameter of 1.57″.  The lathe work on the each chess piece is noteworthy, especially the elegant curves on Knights. There are 4 cuts in the turrets of the rook. Like the Russian/Soviet chess sets, the balls on the bishops are of opposite color. All chess pieces have a very wide base which adds another interesting dimension to the set. know More> 

Limited Edition Reproduced Romanian-Hungarian National Tournament Chess Set in Lacquer Finished Stained Crimson Boxwood

Special Edition St. Petersburg Luxury Artisan Series Chess Set in Bud Rose / Box Wood (lacquered). The King proudly stands at 4.2 inches and its base is robust 1.8 inches. This is a luxury design featuring the magnificently robust and curved knight. The carving and the design of the knight are quite spectacular, look closely at the curved neck, eyes, nostrils, teeth and, craftsmanship around the mane. The design of the other pieces is also highly outstanding that allow the set to truly stand out. Each chessmen is carefully handcrafted in India and takes some influences from the Arabian Knight Series. The finial of the king is inspired from the golden dome of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral which dominates the Russia’s rebel city St Petersburg skyline. Know More>

Ten years. That’s how long it’s been since our first customer bought the travel chess set from us. We still remember the buzz of excitement in the office as we processed and delivered this order. At that time, we had very few products in our catalog. But each of those was designed with a lot of thought and crafted with much love and attention to detail. We have grown manifold since then – we now have 300+ distinctive designs, a 50+ strong team, a larger office and multiple warehouses – but we still put in the same care while choosing our designs, and we feel the same excitement every time we launch the new set!

Year 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of Chessbazaar & our team is dedicatedly working on the 10th-anniversary chess set. Our few chess sets set the gold standard in their first decade and we are just getting started. “The best is yet to come.”

That’s all for now. Follow us on Twitter & Facebook to stay up-to-date with the latest releases, offers & promotions. We’d glad to know your views and experiences of the chess sets which you have purchased from us. You can also get the updates direct to your email by sign-up to our newsletter.

Video Games Addict? Here’s How to Quit

Children addicted to TV and video games? – Break the habit with Chess

Is your child playing video games instead of doing schoolwork? Is he avoiding social situations—and is his behavior worsening as a result of constant gaming? If you’re worried about the amount of time your child spends gaming or watching TV, you’re not alone— we listen about this on a regular basis.  We have heard the desperation and concern in the voices of many, many parents whose kids seem to spend all their time playing video games or sitting in front of the idiot box, as if possessed by some mysterious outside force. Kids have been immersed in a digital universe. There are lot of disadvantages of playing video games such as damaged eyesight, headaches and the inability to sleep.(Reference: Wikipedia)

Chessbazaar Customer Reviews

The video game designers are constantly building upon the game, adding new features to try out and territories to explore on a regular basis. PlayStation, Xbox, PSP, Ipad, Nintendo and the list goes on and on. There is no set end to the game, and the competitive nature of the cooperative online play encourages people to play as often they can. All the TV shows are scripted in such a way that the audience always remains curious about the next episode and most of the programmes focus to attract the young generation with more and more reality shows with their favorite celebrities on the show. With time it becomes their habit for the children to remain in front of the TV or keep playing video games, sparing no time for the activities needed for their body or for their brain.

Kids playing video games instead of chess

Overcoming the TV and video games addiction with Chess

Chess is the best medicine for the kids who are addicted to video games and TV. Parents should encourage their children to learn and eventually learn the game which proves to be a learning tool to help children and young adults improve their decision-making ability, concentration, personal responsibility, and sportsmanship. Chess is something that helps your child to divert his mind from TV and use it for something that would sharpen his brain and help him excel in life. Chess is one of the most popular sports in Russia and Armenia is also a chess passionate country. In the US also the game is immensely popular and the New York City Charity promotes the game across the country and that too mainly in the schools for the benefit of the young learners. Many countries organize chess nights and chess tournaments for refugees, mentally retarded people and at urban recreation centers, so as to keep their engaged in something positive.

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The best example that how chess can drag you away from the addictions is this – According to a BBC report, Marottichal, a village in India was rife with alcoholism and illicit gambling, but everything changed after one man taught the town to play an ancient game of strategy – Chess. Unnikrishnan developed a zeal for chess while he was living in a nearby village. He decided to move to his afflicted hometown and opened tea shop, where he started teaching chess to his customers as a healthier way to pass the time.

Marottichal’s village people playing chess

Miraculously, the game’s popularity flourished while drinking and gambling declined. If you visit this village, one can easily catch sights of people playing chess. A native of this village says, “Chess improves concentration, builds character and creates community”. “We don’t watch television here; we play chess and talk to each other, even the kids.” So true!!

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Holiday Family ActivitiesFor long, chess has been considered as a game played only by intellectuals and individuals with critical thinking abilities. However, the interesting fact is that chess can be played by people of all age groups and mind sets. Chess is extremely helpful in brain development, particularly when it is played regularly from a very early age. Learning to play chess at a young age helps the children to gain valuable experience and wisdom which can be applied to almost any situation they will encounter in life. I believe that the parents should feel fortunate for having this brain-training tool to overcome the TV addiction. Encourage your Child to play chess and imagine how it could benefit your children. Children playing chess perform academically much better than others. Globally, the ages of the latest crops of chess grand masters are getting younger and younger. Who knows, if your child wins the next GM title.

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Getting into a new hobby like playing chess with wooden chess set is an expensive endeavor. Sometimes the cheapest point of entry is a starter kit that perfectly combines a group of items you need to learn about your new hobby. Explore our starter kits here->

Tournament Standard Wooden Starter Kits for chess learning


Another month went by and it was definitely dominated by Reproduced Romanian-Hungarian National Tournament Chess Set. Our live customer support has been overflowing from the last month and almost every second buyer is asking for  2.0  version of Romanian-Hungarian National Tournament Chess Set. A few other notable announcements last month include Camouflaged I & II Series, Carbon Fiber Series, The Empire II Luxury Series. If you have missed the launches or are simply looking for an orderly recap, the table below should be for your interest.

Romanian-Hungarian National Tournament Chess Set

Camouflaged I & II Series

Carbon Fiber Series

The Empire II Luxury Series

Last month the spotlights were primarily on the Reproduced Romanian-Hungarian National Tournament Chess Set and it’s no surprise that our this reproduction is probably one of the best reproductions we’ve ever launched. This chess set is reproduced in collaboration with “Michael Ladzinski“, one of the greatest chess collectors in the chess world. This popular set is the rage of tournament players in Hungary and Romania. It’s refreshing to see these style pieces used in place of the mundane FIDE golden rosewood pieces in the Hungarian and Romanian tournaments. A great set for tournament, blitz or home play and a “must have” set for any chess collector.

Reproduced Romanian-Hungarian National Tournament Chess Set

Camouflaged Series also made its debut and gathered a lot of fan attention. All chess pieces are expertly carved and weighted for fantastic hand-feel and a very nice thud on the wooden chess board. Chess pieces are meticulously hand crafted from the finest grade boxwood and available in 2 variants. Shop Now ->

The Single Staunton Camouflaged Series

We’ve also launched a Carbon Fiber Series. All chess pieces are expertly carved and weighted for fantastic hand-feel and a very nice thud on the wooden chess board. Chess pieces have thick green felts which precisely envelops the base of each chessmen for smooth movement on the chess board.

The Single Staunton Carbon Fiber Series Chess Pieces

Another noteworthy announcement is The Empire II Luxury Series Staunton Chess Set. This chess set exquisitely made from ebony wood and natural boxwood. The King proudly stands at 4.6 inches and its base is robust 1.8 inches. This is a luxury design featuring the magnificently robust and remarkable knight.

Lastly, you will be pleased to hear that we are going to launch exciting new chess sets soon, so stay tuned with us for the bunch of launches and amazing offers this Christmas season! Subscribe our newsletter here

Top 5 trending chess sets of July 2017

Reproduced Romanian-Hungarian National Tournament Chess Set

Buy Chess Sets Now




Reproduced Historic 1929 Barcelona "Joc Catalan" Chess Set Reproduced Historic 1929 Barcelona “Joc Catalan” Chess Set

Buy Chess Sets Now




Wooden Chess Board Ebony Sheesham Wood

Wooden Chess Board Ebony Sheesham Wood

Buy Chess Sets Now




The Arabian Knight Series Artisan Staunton Chess Pieces

The Arabian Knight Series Artisan Staunton Chess Pieces 

Buy Chess Sets Now




Antique Circa 1870-1900 Staunton Series Chess Pieces

Antique Circa 1870-1900 Staunton Series Chess Pieces 

Buy Chess Sets Now




Happy Chess Playing!


How to Find a Perfect Wooden Chess Set Online?

Selecting a perfect chess set can really give you headaches. It is not easy to find a right chess set especially if you are buying it online. Markets are flooded with a huge variety of chess sets in different materials, shapes, and sizes. The chess pieces and the chess boards are often bought separately and that increases the difficulty level of ‘’choosing the correct chess set task ’’. We at Chessbazaar are here to help you find a breakthrough and by taking care of some very important points, we can help you in breaking the back of the beast.

Follow these steps to find your perfect chess set:

  1. The purpose of the use of your chess set – The very first step to choosing a chess set is to decide that for what purpose do you need the chess set.

If you want to buy a chess set for your routine, use at chess clubs or at home then either you should go for some robust Staunton tournament chess sets or any weighted Staunton chess set would be the best option for this.

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If you travel a lot and can’t travel without your best companion ‘chess set game Buy Magnetic Travel Chess Set Online‘then you should buy a magnetic travel set. Our travel magnetic chess sets are ideal for playing on planes, trains, buses or in the cars. These chess sets use magnetic fields to secure the chess pieces to the board ensuring that they will not move. The chess pieces have been fitted with a magnetic stud in the base and the board is fitted with concealed Iron sheet. Explore here> 

Chess sets are also a wonderful way to decorate your living room, bedroom etc. If you want to light up your living space with a beautiful chess set or if you want to buy something antique for home decor, you can go for luxury chess sets or antique chess sets.

Buy luxury chess sets onlineIf you want to gift a chess set to your Dad, friend or your loved ones then our economy range is for you. You can buy a good quality wooden chess set here without burning a hole in your pocket. Explore now>

And if you are a chess collector, then we have a special corner for you. Our Antique reproductions category is substantially designed for chess collectors and enthusiasts. Shop now>

Buy Reproduction 1950 Dubrovnik Bobby Fischer Chess Set Online

  1. Set a price for your chess set – Ask yourself, how much can I afford for a chess set? You should buy a chess set that fits your pocket well so that you always feel satisfactory each time you play with it. Prices of the wooden chess sets vary according to the type of the wood, king size, weight, quality of the craftsmanship,Chessbazaar Customer Stories the number of queens, services offered by the company, design of the knight etc. You need to set your priorities and determine that what kind of chess set you require and then determine the price accordingly.                                           If you are low on a budget then is one of the best places to look for. We’re the cheapest option in the market for buying a new wooden chess set but that doesn’t equate to cheap quality too. Chess bazaar was founded in 2007 by Vikramjit Singh, who believes that high-quality chess sets don’t need to cost a fortune. At our primary motto is “MAKING HEIRLOOM QUALITY CHESS SETS – ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE”. All of our chess sets are of heirloom quality that lasts for many generations. We also offer free replacements* and the lifetime warranty on our most of the chess supplies.

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  1. Selecting the type and color of wood – After you have set a price for your chess set, you need to select the type of the wood that suits your taste the most. You can choose out of the best and luxurious wood types such as ebony wood, bud rosewood, rosewood or the evergreen ones like Sheesham and boxwood. Type of wood selected by you would also depend upon the color combination you want to have like black & red, black white, red & white etc.

Buy Luxury Chess Sets Online

  1. Select your Chess pieces – After keeping everything in your mind – the price, type of wood, design, weighted and non-weighted, and the purpose. If your primary purpose is playing speed chess, blitz etc then don’t go for heavily Buy GM Blitz Edition Staunton Series Chess Set Onlineweighted (quadruple or more) chess pieces at all, you can’t play a blitz or speed chess easily with heavily weighted chess pieces until & unless you are a super human. Heavily weighted chess pieces are best for décor purpose or for occasional play. Though there are hundreds of designs available at our website like Dublin pattern, minimalist pattern, upright pattern, monoblock pattern, themed chess sets etc, but for actual play, Staunton pattern design is the standard among all. We’ve all in our store, so go ahead and choose your dream chess pieces according to your taste and requirement or simply go for standard Tournament chess set approved by fide.

Minimalist Hermann Ohme Chess Set in Sheesham & Box Wood Online5. Matching a board to your chess pieces – Next difficulty is to choose a right board for your chess pieces. After choosing the perfect chess pieces now is the turn to choose the right field to play. If chess pieces are not matching properly with chess board then it will not give the satisfaction to a chess player. First, calculate the size of the base diameter of the widest chess piece “King” and divide it by 78%. For eg, if the base diameter of the king is 1.5″(38mm) then you should go for a square size of 1.9″ (48mm) or more. The concept is if you get the King chess piece just right, other chess pieces also fit in automatically on your chess board.

Buy The Bridle Series Chess Pieces in Ebony & Box Wood Online

To simplify your search here is the formula to calculate the right board size for you chess pieces – Calculate the base diameter of king and divide it by 78%.

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6. Calculate the base diameter of the king and divide it by 78%. With this formula, you will get your board size. Now choose the type of the wood, color and theWooden Chess Board Blood Red Bud Rose Wood design of the edges and wooden frame that suits your chess pieces the best. Handmade wooden chessboards from ebony wood and rosewood and bud rosewood are often more expensive ones than the veneer or leather chess boards. Select the board according to your imaginations and ideas. Imagine the chess pieces and the chess board combo in your mind and make the final call. Still, if you’re unable to find a right chess board for your chess pieces then don’t worry, we have a chess sets category which has chess pieces with their matching chess board.

After following all these steps, we hope you’ll be able to find your perfect chess set.

Chess Tournament Rules & Regulations – Fide Approved

Most of the chess international tournaments follow a set of common rules. These rules do not necessarily be followed when we are playing the game at home or online but these rules are must be followed by the tournament chess players. We have put together some most important points for playing tournament chess, which will explain some common misconceptions about tournament play and will clarify some of the rules that pertain especially to chess tournaments.

1. Touch-move – Touch and Move rule has to be strictly followed. If a player touches one of their own pieces then he must move that piece, if it is a legal move. If a player touches a piece of that of the opponent, then capturing that piece is a must. If you let go of a piece, you have to leave it therChess Touch Move, Chess, your strategic companione. A player who wishes to touch a piece only to adjust it on the board must first announce the intention, usually by saying “adjust”.

2. Timings and clocks – The purpose is to keep track of the total time each player takes for his own moves. The players may take more or less time over any individual move, but if one player exceeds their total available time, that player has lost the game. Another important rule is that if a player runs out of time, their opponent must point it out, and if it goes unnoticed, play continues. A chess clock is really two separate clocks that run independent of each other. For many players, it is their first experience with clocks when they play for tournament and hence it is of utmost importance that the players should know, how to operate these clocks. When the button on one side is pressed down, that player’s clock stops and the other player’s clock starts. Shop DGT 3000 Digital Chess Clock (Approved by FIDE)

Buy DGT chess clocks at low prices

3. Recording the moves – In chess tournaments it is mandatory for both the chess players to record the moves made by them. Each chess player is required to record the chess moves in algebraic chess notation. When the game concludes, both the players are required to sign the scoresheet and hand it over to the organizer, if asked to do so. Recording the moves is avoided in the blitz, rapid or any kind of fast chess games because that would then take away the important thinking time of the players

4. No interference – When the game is in progress, no third party is allowed to interfere in the game. If you are attending any chess tournament then you are allowed to walk through the playing area but provided you do that quietly. You are not allowed to make any suggestions to the players regarding their game. If you do so, it is regarded as a violation of rules. A player is also not allowed to ask for help from the audience or any other person.

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5. Distractions – Chess is a quiet game! And therefore all distracting behaviors like making noises, talking, moving tables or chairs are forbidden. Exceptions are when you want to indicate rules violation, such as an illegal move.

6. Illegal moves – If the chess player makes any illegal move then the Arbiter Special chess moves in chess tournamentsshall give an extra time of 2 minutes to the opponent’s player. If the same player makes the second illegal move in the same game then the Arbiter shall announce the game lost by the offending player.

7. Scoring the moves – Players are granted one point (1) for a win, a half (½) point for a draw, and no points (0) for a loss toward their tournament score. Everyone plays the same number of game. The player with the maximum number of points at the end of tournament wins.

8. Conduct of the players – All the players must observe code of conduct that is common for all the players. Players are not allowed to take any action that will bring the game to disgrace, e.g cheating, sneaking the captured piece back. During a tournament, use of mobile phones or other electronic means of communication is completely forbidden. If it is evident that a player brought such a device into the playing venue, he shall lose the game. Players should not distract or annoy their competitor in any way.

All the best for your first chess tournament!

All you need to know about Check, Checkmate and Stalemate

Knowing some very important chess terms is almost inevitable for all the chess players. If you are new to the game of chess, there are certain terms that must be learned before you step on to the chess battlefield. Let us learn about these terms:

  1. Check: The term “Check” simply means or it gives the warning that the King is in danger and that the King requires immediate attention. In this situation, the player must find a way out to save its King from the approaching threat. To save the King, the player is left with three options. These are:

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  1. Capture the attacking piece.
  2. Blocking the line of fire, placing a new piece between the attacking piece and the King.
  3. Moving the King from the line of fire.

Check in a game of chess

  1. Checkmate or mate: If it is not possible to save the King from the above-mentioned options, then it is called “checkmate” or “mate“. As King is the most valuable piece in the game of chess and if you are not able to get it out of danger, then it is checkmate and the game is over. Unfortunately, you have lost the game. Giving checkmate is the main goal of the chess player, the one who gives the checkmate is the winner.

How to checkmate in a game of chess

  1. Stalemate: The game reaches such a situation when the player’s King is not checked, it’s his turn to move and his not left with any legal move. The chess rules state that this situation would bring the game to draw (i.e having no winner), no matter what advantage one side could have over the other and is called “Stalemate“.

How to stalemate in a game of chess

  1. Even some advanced players wonder why it does not count as a win. The reason is that the losing side cannot avoid exposing their King to check, but they are not yet in check!

So be careful next time you play chess! Happy playing Chess!

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How to Make the Best Chess Opening Moves?

The art of chess strategy knows how to formulate a plan for the chess game and arrange your chess pieces to accomplish this plan. That is why it is important to plan the first moves rightly so that your chess army becomes stronger by every move.  The first moves of a chess game are termed the “opening” or “opening moves”. The possible opening moves of chess have been extensively studied for hundreds of years and have been given names to simplify discussion of a game. But in this blog, we are not going to discuss specific moves but instead, we will discuss the general chess principles in the chess opening.

It’s rightly said – “Well begun is half done!” This crucial time in the game often determines the winner in the middle game or endgame. The first 8-15 moves generally decide the winner of the game. Let us see, how you can take lead in your Chess game –

      1. Tournament Series Staunton Chess Pieces with German Knight Make the first move with the e-pawn or d-pawn advancing two squares.  This move immediately works on controlling the center, and it frees two pieces – The Queen and a Bishop.
      2. Next step is developing your pieces. One of the main aims of the opening is to mobilize the pieces on useful squares where they will have an impact on the game. Try developing by giving threat to your opponent so that his move is wasted while defending.

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      1. Take control over the center of the board.The underlying principle of chess strategy in the opening phase is control of the board’s center squares. In chess geometry, the center is important because each chess piece exercises maximum mobility in the center.
      2. Buy Tournament Series Staunton Chess Pieces with German KnightKeep your King safe.Castle early in open positions that will help you to keep your King safe. Castling is a great way to safeguard your King from sudden chess tactics and even checkmate – it gets the King away from the center and develops one of your Rooks at the same time.

Develop and threaten– while you are developing your pieces, try to threaten the opponent’s pieces. This will limit the opponent’s freedom of choice.
Some more general points to be kept in mind while making first moves –
a) Piece coordination is very important to be kept in mind. As the players mobilize their pieces, they both seek to ensure that they are working harmoniously towards the control of key squares.
b) Don’t move your queen out early, she is subject to attack.
c) Don’t attack before you complete your development.New 1950 Dubrovnik Bobby Fischer Reproduced Chess Set Queen
d) Don’t attack too early because a premature attack will fail.

e) Develop with the gain of time by attacking your opponent’s unguarded pieces and pawns.

Chess books can also help you to learn chess openings to be able to make the best chess moves when you start your game. If you understand and learn the art of making good openings, you will be able to play the first 12 chess moves or more in just about two minutes without much thinking. You don’t switch off your brain completely, but you play so much faster and more efficient than before. This builds a strong chess position right away and increases your chances of winning dramatically.

Happy Chess Playing!

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