There are months when the attention gets shared between various chess sets and then there is a month when a single one stands in the spotlight. Well, it was the mighty Bridle Series 2016 luxury chess pieces that took center stage last month. Now we take a look at the new arrivals section and round up the most interesting chess sets of the past few weeks. If you have missed the launches or are simply looking for an orderly recap, the table below should be for your interest.

2016 Bridle Series Luxury Chess Pieces

Seirawan (Sharper) Elephant Chess Variant Kit

Seirawan (Sharper) Hawk Chess Variant Kit

Let’s see what the gossip is all about. First and foremost, perhaps, is the 2016 Bridle Series Luxury Chess Pieces with its 4.2″ king. This peerless 2016 Bridle series chess set is made up of ebony, bud rose wood and boxwood. This is a classic design featuring the magnificent and strong bridle knight. Superb size proportioning from king to the pawn exhibits true intricate craftsmanship in all the pieces. The carving of the knight is quite spectacular, look closely at the details around the mane and nostrils. The design of the other pieces is also highly commended to allow the set to truly stand out. They are meticulously hand crafted from the finest grade ebony wood and polished by hand to give it a rich and long lasting shine. Each chessmen is carefully hand crafted in India with dainty details and the design, quality, and craftsmanship of these chess pieces is comparable to the luxury chess sets that are sold for $1000+ by other retailers.

2016 Bridle Series Luxury Chess Set

Seirwan chess variant that made an appearance last month are definitely worth checking out. Seirawan chess is an enhanced version of standard chess, played across the globe. It is played on the standard 8×8 board and uses two new pieces, the hawk (which moves like a knight or a bishop) and the elephant (which moves like a knight or a rook). Seirawan chess begins in exactly the same manner as a conventional chess game with normal rules of chess. Our chess variant kit is an exciting, new way to play chess. The kit comes with an elephant and available in total of 4 woods – Bud rose wood Ebony Wood, Box wood and Stained Dyed.

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