Feb. Predicted Announcements

4” Dubrovnik Chess Set Launch
Wooden Chess Board in all sizes Launch
1849 Chess Set Launch Date

With Valentine just over two weeks away, everybody is already itching to know what we have in store near Valentine’s Day, and the good news is that we are coming up with our new kind of chessboards this month while there is no official word on the launch of these chessboards. New chessboards features edge to edge flat design with matte finish on the top surface. Matte surface will protect the chessboard from finger smudges & scratches. New chess boards are available in each size and each wood. Full specifications & specialties of these chessboards will be revealed later. Our Previous boards are finger print magnet due to the factor that their top surface has glossy finish.


Note : We are going to discontinue the curved edge shaped chess boards soon.


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