Journey of 2014 – A glimpse of glory

We know, we are bit late on this one..but we wish you a very Happy and Joyful New Year with lots of blessings 🙂

Well, here we are again, folks – the start of a new year. The time when we’re usually bursting with motivation and promises not to repeat the mistakes of the past. We’ve learned a lot in the 2014 (especially our flaws & drawbacks), which we’ve vowed to ditch in 2015!), We, the whole chessbazaar team are working on our flaws & trying to use our time more wisely. Please send us your valuable feedback’s & queries at We listen carefully to the needs of our customers and had their feedback in mind to make our customers experience more rich in near future. We’d also love to hear how you’re starting your 2015 with a bang.

Here’s the brief infographics  of our journey. Have a look!
infographics 2014 (1)

Our team at chessbazaar wishes you a very Happy New Year to you and your loved ones and we wish you true happiness, joy and success in the months to come. Cheers!

Stay Tuned !!

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