Monthly Review – Aug 2014

Monthly round-up is our new innovative service meant to recap all the major announcements of the month, which you might have missed. August of 2014 was marked by :

Dubrovnik Chess Set


Introduced Indian Chetak II Chess set


: Introduced two new categories IMPERFECT CHESS SETS & PAPER WEIGHTS


Introduced New Antique Circa 1870-1900 Staunton Chess Set


: Olympiad Tournament Series offer


Re-introduced antique INLAID PLASTIC BOARD series


Let’s move on to our hot announcements for this month (Aug 2014):

1950 Dubrovnik Legend is back from the 9th chess Olympiad to rewrite the rules of the game. 1950 Dubrovnik chess set was a hot topic for the last month & it’s no surprise that Dubrovnik chess set is probably one of the best chess set by our artisans till date.The most radical chess set of chessbazaar breaks sales records. 50 Chess Sets Gone in just 48 Hours. We are expecting to sell approximately. 250 chess sets of the Dubrovnik by the end of September. Dubrovnik is one of the fast-selling chess set for chessbazaar in history. Dubrovnik goes out of stock twice within mere hours. After looking at the strong demand, we are now planning to introduce 4” inch Dubrovnik version very soon, We are in the final stages of designing the 4″ version of Dubrovnik Chess Set. So Stay tuned & don’t forget to check back soon or register your email at ” “so that we can send you the notification as soon as this set is up for sale.



12 years of Experience : The Indian Chetak have already reached iconic status & now we have introduced all new Indian Chetak II series. Exquisitely crafted in 3 different versions Ebony, Sheesham & Budrose wood with the king height of 4.2” Vik the ceo of chessbazaar himself make major enhancements to the design of this exclusive chess set. Right now we are offering flat 20% introductory discount on this chess set including free shipping.

Price slashed by 50% : We have introduced a new category imperfect chess sets & we are now offering chess sets & chess boards at flat 50% off with minor blemishes. Free Shipping with lowest price guarantee.

Chess paper weight : Now let your desk say that you love chess. The paper weight in the shape of chess pieces and its hand carved. These chess pieces will look elegant sitting on your desk & must have for any chess lover.

Let’s Go Back In Time : We have expanded our Antique Series family with a new antiqued chess member.Introducing the new Antique Circa 1870-1900 Staunton chess pieces beautifully crafted in Antiqued Box Wood / Ebony Wood with the king height of 4.2″, This Antiqued boxwood is more of a sequel to the 1849 Staunton Pattern Antiqued Box wood Chess Pieces.

Olympiad Tournament Series offer : Tromsø 2014 started with lavish opening ceremony & We Doubled the chess collectors happiness with our Chess Olympiad Tournament offer from. We gave Free Tournament Series Chess Pieces worth $82.99 from 1 Aug – 14 Aug.

First of it’s Kind : We are proud to re-introduce our antique INLAID PLASTIC BOARD series with modern artistic design. Boards are meticulously inlaid with acrylic sheet and polished by hand to appeal to a range of chess collectors & casual players. Right now we are giving flat 50% off on our new antique INLAID PLASTIC BOARD series. Learn more about GRAB ‘EM ALL”SALE”


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