Monthly Round-up – Feb 2015

The past month has been a real busy one, with working on new chessboards. If you were busy, or did not manage to catch something from the last month announcements, we have covered you with a recap, as well as an overview of the popular chess sets that has made an appearance in Feb 2015

February is celebrated as a month of Love all over the world. During this past month, we introduced new range of chessboards which is also one of the most important product launches for us this year. These chessboards bring back the good times for our chess buyers who are looking for quality and long lasting chess boards.

Veneer chess boards


A few other chess sets made an appearance last month, so if you think you might have missed any update, the following list shows what you, our loyal customers, found most interest in the new arrival section over the course of last month.

. Announced Dubrovnik stained crimson in 4″

. Our humble tribute to the faithful and courageous horse Chetak!!

. Giant chess packages for wholesale buyers

Things have really been getting heated during the last week when we launched our new veneer chess boards and now all eyes are on eagerly-anticipated Ferocious Elite series which we will launch in the first week of March. We got some issues with Crimson stained chess set. Our R&D team is working on this issue and we’re sure to get it resolved very soon and bring the much awaited and best selling Crimson back on sale.

Dubrovnik copy

Moving ahead with another much anticipated French lardy chess set and Pinney chess set which was due to get launched in last week of February and we have almost hundreds of buyers waiting for its launch. However, due to uncertain heavy rains we have deferred its launch and are expecting to launch in Mid March. If all goes well then the launching of French lardy & Pinney chess set will be on or before St. Patrick’s Day. Our artisans have tweaked some minor changes in the design & weight of French lardy chess set but nothing more is known yet.

Our humble tribute to the faithful and courageous horse Chetak
Giant chess packages for wholesale buyers : offers you wholesale products with Free shipping across globe plus attractive Affiliate Program. There is no MOQ (minimum order quantity) for any of our products, the bigger the order, the better the prices. In case any of our re-sellers does not want to spend in stocking/inventory, we have attractive drop shipping option available too. The best part is just like retail, the items sold on wholesale too are guaranteed for any manufacturing defects or damage in transit.

wholesale copy

That’s all for now, Follow us on Twitter & Facebook to stay up-to-date with the latest releases, offers & promotions. We’d glad to know your views and experiences of the chess sets which you have purchased from us.


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