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February 14 is celebrated as Valentine’s Day and the month February is celebrated as the month of romance in honour of the great Saint Valentine who revolted against the then king of Rome who was barbarically against the right to love and marriage for his soldiers. The message of love and hope spread far and wide and here we are, keeping the tradition up even after numerous centuries.

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, lust, passion and most importantly, gifts. It is the best time to show your loved ones with your gifts that how much that special someone means to you.  Valentine’s Day provides couples, families and friends the time to give thoughtful and affectionate gifts, rather than opulent ones. When Cupid’s arrow is involved, the best gifts are those that come from the heart. So we have some very different and special handmade gifts for everyone from your parents, your best friends to your siblings, and of course your special Mr. or Ms. Right!

Valentine’s Day is just few days away and love is in the air. So if you wish to hit the right cord of your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s heart on Valentine’s Day who is also a chess player or if you’re planning to let him/her recognize your feelings deep down the heart,  then you can opt for gifting your sweetheart a beautiful chess set.


Make this February 14th the most memorable day for your sweetheart with chessbazaar. Love is beautiful, love is eternal, love is happiness, so don’t hide it; share it with your sweetheart through our gifts. There are endless ways to say “I love you.” If you’re at a loss for words or you want to express it in a different way then go for our personalized chess sets. Propose your love this 8th February with a chess set engraved with your heart feelings on it. Add his/her name on the handmade chess set or anything that expresses your feelings in the best way and to make you gift very unique.

We deliver in 4-5 working days worldwide and that makes sure that your chess set reaches your sweetheart on time. No matter how many promises you make and how many words you express, this speechless form of expression says thousand words to your beloved. So this year plan a special chess set as gift that would make his/ her heart swell with joy. And for this chessbazaar brings you an all inclusive valentine gift store which will leave you enthralled and is sure to sweep your lover, beloved off their feet and right into your arms. Here you will find best valentine Online Sale Offers, discount Deals, discount coupons, promo codes and flash sales for wooden chess sets, wood chess pieces, wooden chess boards, leather folding chess boards, chess set accessories etc. Shop Now

So get going and place your order now on to make this Valentine Day the most memorable day in your life to cherish. is all set to express your unconditional and irrevocable love to your beloved this Valentine Day.

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