World’s first Wooden Starter Chess Learning Kit is Here

Are you going to learn the wonderful game “chess” and sharpen your memory?  For starting learning the game of chess, you always need a kit with all the necessary tools required to start the game or you may need a chess kit for chess club.

Chessbazaar takes utmost pride in announcing the world’s first wooden chess starter kit. Your kids deserve only the bestest things in the world, so don’t give them those cheap plastic chess sets to begin the new and most interesting course of their life. A starter kit with the eco-friendly, robust and beautiful chess pieces should be a gift from the wonderful parents. Children need something attractive that when you want them to learn something new and nothing can be more attractive than a wooden chess set. Serious players always prefer wooden chess sets, as all the chess tournaments have wooden chess sets as standards for the chess tournaments. Our chess experts have been carefully designed each kit with suitable equipments.

Wooden Starter Learning Kits for Kids

We have a collection of three starter kits, you can select the kit that suits your needs and budget. Chess pieces, chess boards, clocks and books have been put together so that they form recommended starter kits. So, here we introduce our kits –

  1. 1. Travel series starter kit with DGT clock – Special Starter kit has been designed for the kids who want to learn the game the chess champion style. The wooden chess set is equipped with magnets, so that you children can always take their favorite game to picknick, friend’s home or school. The chess pieces come in a magnetic wooden box in which the chess pieces can be properly stored in separate compartments. The free chess book would help your kids to learn the basics and play chess strategically. DGT clock gives your kid the feeling of a professional player and will motivate them to perform better. DGT 2010 is the official clock of FIDE.

Wooden Starter Learning Kits for Kids

  1. 2. Tournament Standard wooden starter kit – This starter kit is suitable for students and members of chess club. The starter kit includes tournament size wooden chess board, tournament chess pieces with wooden storage box, DGT 2010 clock and a chess book. Tournament Chess boards and chess pieces are of the same dimensions as officially standardized by FIDE. The clock is also the official clock of FIDE. The whole collection makes it perfect choice for the members of chess clubs and chess schools.

Wooden Starter Learning Kits for Kids

  1. 3. Tournament pro wooden starter kit – This starter kit is also best suitable for chess clubs and young chess learners. The kit includes tournament chess pieces, tournament folding chess board, DGT 2010 clock, chess book and a beautiful storage box for your beloved chess pieces. The storage box is lined with green felt to prevent the chess pieces from scratching. The whole combo is designed for desirability and reliability.

Wooden Starter Learning Kits for Kids

Gift your children the best equipped chess kit made from the bestest material and quality. Chessbazaar also offers FREE replacement guarantee. This means if any piece will lost or break at any time you can easily receive replacements for free. If you want to take your chess game to the next level there’s only one way to go – add the world’s first Wooden Starter Chess Learning Kit. Shop Now


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