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The 1950s Soviet (Russian) Latvian Reproduced Chess Set in Ebonized Boxwood & Natural Boxwood - 4.1" King





Quick Overview

Material: Ebonized Boxwood & Natural Boxwood

Dimensions:    King Height -  4.17" (106 mm)   
                        King Base -  1.69" (43 mm)
                        Pawn Height - 2.08" (53 mm)
                        Pawn Base - 1.29" (33 mm)

You're getting: 34 pieces (2 extra queens are included); Board and Storage Box is not included.

: 1050 grams approx. (37.03 oz). Please note that the weight in the set is added manually so the final weight of the set can vary by plus or minus (±) 10%.

Recommended Board Size
50-55mm square size

: FedEx 4-6 days delivery for North America, UK, AU, EU, IN
                   IndiaPost 15-25 days delivery for rest of the world - Know More

:  Taxes/Customs charges are included.


Chess Pieces Details Height Base
King    4.17" (106 mm)
 1.69" (43 mm)
Queen   3.54" (90 mm)  1.57" (40 mm)
Bishop  2.99" (76 mm) 1.45" (37 mm)
Knight  2.79" (71 mm)  1.45" (37 mm)
Rook  2.36" (60 mm)  1.45" (37 mm)
Pawn  2.08" (53 mm)  1.29" (33 mm)
Total Weight Of Chess Set 1050 grams approx. (37.03 oz)
Dark Pieces Ebonized Boxwood
Light Pieces Natural Boxwood
Recommended Board Size 50-55mm square size

Reproduced Old Soviet Series weighted chess pieces offers a 4.1" King with a base diameter of 1.69". The chess set comes with 34 pieces including 2 extra queens. The chess pieces are weighted and have thick green felt on their bases for smooth movement on the chess board. Dark pieces are made in ebonized boxwood and the lighter pieces are made of natural boxwood.

The lathe work on the each chess piece is noteworthy, especially the unique collar rings and elegant curves. Knights have a divergent style of carving on each side making even more captivating pieces from different angle views. There are 4 cuts in the turrets of the rook. Like most of the Soviet/Russian chess sets the King finial and queen ball is of opposite color. All chess pieces have a wide base which adds another interesting dimension to the set. This chess set was designed without any religious symbols, without the king crown or bishop mitre cut.

 photo phpTibLas_1.jpeg

Chess and its Russian/Soviet connection: Chess is one of the most popular games in the Soviet Union and there is one interesting fact that most of the world chess champions were citizens of the Soviet Union. The period from 1993 to 2000 the world chess champions were almost Russians. From the early days, chess has been a central feature of Soviet history and culture from the middle ages onwards, resulting in a great range of chess sets from various times and zones. Click here to see our full range of Russian/Soviet chess sets. Chess is considered one of the most interesting, exciting and educational games in Soviet. Now a day's Russians also use chess as a training concentration.

In-Box items: Retail Package consists of 34 Chessmen only.


Shipping: We offer FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world. For North America, UK, Australia, Europe, and India the item will be shipped by FedEx expedited service and for Latin America, Russia, Japan and the rest of the world, it will be shipped by India Post Regd. Parcel. Delivery period may vary from 4-6 days for FedEx and 15-25 days for Registered Parcel. We assure you that you won't pay any additional taxes or customs duty after your payment at chessbazaar.com. Know More

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Customer Reviews
Beautifully Crafted Set Review by Joseph
These pieces are beautifully made and priced well. As others have noted, great quality and great value. They came individually wrapped and well protected. I was astonished at how fast the pieces arrived. I ordered them on a Thursday night and they arrived Monday morning. I think I will be choosing ChessBazaar over everyone else for my chess sets. (Posted on 2/12/2019)
Great Service. Great Product. Review by Nails
Faultless service. Great looking set. Amazing value for the price. (Posted on 10/4/2018)
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