A Letter from Vik on Stained Crimson Dubrovnik Issue

To our consumers,

A couple of weeks back we received a complaint from one of our esteemed customer that our stained crimson Dubrovnik chess set had some issues with the stain in which the crimson stain was coming off on touching the set with wet hands. I on behalf of our whole team of chessbazaar would like to offer our sincere apologies for this problem. I want to assure everyone that this is just a stray incident and this is not the usual quality of our products. We have taken this issue very seriously and I am glad to inform you that we have been able to resolve this issue finally. Our future lots of crimson Dubrovnik chess sets will come coated with PU wood sealer with satin finish. There won’t be any noticeable effect of this application on the color or shine of the crimson pieces. Also this application will not let the crimson color to come off on touching with wet hands.

We have been notified that some of our competitors have been trying to blow this problem out of proportion in social media so as to gain some mileage but I am sure our esteemed customers who are intelligent chess players will very well see what these guys are upto. I would also like to thank here some of our patrons who stood besides us in the hour of need. I will like to add here an extract from one of the emails from one of our buyer (name withheld for privacy reasons)

“The hue and cry created at ****.com forums is all artificial to pull you guys down. I love your sets and designs and I will keep on buying from chessbazaar in future too. I purchased my Crimson Dubrovnik Chess Set from you in September 2014 and I have played numerous games with this set till now without any issues of color bleeding. I think it is a matter of common sense not to use wet hands on a wooden chess set and that is the reason you did not receive any complaints of this sort earlier or from any other buyers. Carry on with your good work”

In the end I once again want to apologize to our patrons and buyers for this issue with our Dubrovnik sets and I hope that you will understand that mistakes sometimes do happen despite our best efforts and we are no exception to that. We are very sorry that this happened with one of our chess sets but rest assured it won’t ever happen again. We are very serious when it comes to our customers satisfaction and we have a zero tolerance policy in this regard. Please note consumer satisfaction is the most important criterion for chessbazaar to measure its own success. To make up for this shortcoming in the crimson Dubrovnik set we are offering a 30% discount to the customers who have brought crimson Dubrovnik earlier from us and now want to buy this design again in any other wood or size.


Vikramjit Singh


Founder Director, chessbazaar



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