Antique and Vintage Chess Sets

Chessbazaar offers the chess lovers a fantastic series of antique and vintage chess sets. Serious chess players or chess lovers are very possessive about their chess sets and while playing, they get into this hobby of collecting chess sets and do everything to satisfy their desire of having all the antique and vintage chess sets in the world. Though it is impossible to collect everything in the world, even if from a small field. And also the high prices of these antique chess sets abstain the chess lovers to buy their dream chess set. Chessbazaar offers you a wide collection of reproduced antique and vintage chess sets at the most reasonable price in the world. Here is a small account of our collection of antique chess sets and vintage chess sets

Reproduced French lardy Chess Sets – The famous France based chess piece manufacturer “Lardy” was situated in Dortan, Oyonnax in the French Jura. Lardy was the only company which revolutionized the whole chess set industry with their affordable prices & excellent chess set quality. The material which was mostly used by the lardy company is Jura boxwood, but maple and softwoods were also used by the French based giant. There’s nothing fancy about this chess set but it has a traditional Staunton look which serious chess players admire for regular play.

French lardy Chess Set
1950 Dubrovnik Chess Set  – 1950 Dubrovnik chess set was first seen in the 9th Chess Olympiad organized by the FIDE and the government of Yugoslavia. The Olympiad was held in Dubrovnik, Croatia between August 20 and September 11, 1950. This chess set used to be the favorite chess set of the greatest chess player of all time, Bobby Fischer. This chess set was designed without any religious symbols, without the king crown or bishop mitres. The pieces were designed for play and had wide bases and the pieces required a chess board with minimum 55 mm squares.

Wooden Dubrovnik Chess Set

Reproduced 1943-44 Max Ernst Chess Pieces – This chess set is inspired from famous fellow artist Max Ernst. Max Ernst designed and presented this chess set to famous chess player Marcel Duchamp. Duchamp & Max Ernst are considered by many critics to be one of the most important artists of the 20th century.

Reproduced 1943-44 Max Ernst Chess Set in Stained Dyed, Box Wood & Sheesham Wood.

Marcel Duchamp Chess Set – This chess set is inspired from famous French, painter, sculptor, chess player and writer Marcel Duchamp. Marcel Duchamp along with Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse was one of the three artists who helped to define the revolutionary developments in the plastic arts in the early twentieth century. He was responsible for significant developments in painting and sculpture.  We offer beautiful Duchamp chess sets for the collectors of this chess set.

Marcel Duchamp Chess Set

Reproduced Russian Chess Set: Chessbazaar offers a huge range of Russian chess sets. We can proudly say that we offer the best quality handmade Russian chess sets in different woods. Russian chess sets for their unique designs which are simple and very royal. Take a look of our exclusive range of reproduced Russian chess set.

Reproduced Russian Chess Sets

Reproduced 1941 Liberty Chess Set : This chess set is an exact reproduction of one of the most popular American Staunton Pattern chessmen, The Liberty chess set which was first manufactured by W.T Pinney in the year 1941. For nearly two decades this chess set was used in all major chess club tournaments held in the U.S. The most interesting thing in this chess set was that the manufacturer W.T Pinney was so confident of the ruggedness of the design that he offered lifetime warranty for this chess set. These chess pieces have thick collars and there are no delicate frills to chip or break during rough usage. Explore Now

Reproduced Russian (Soviet Era) Series Chess Set in Sheesham & Box WoodChess is one of the most popular games in the Soviet Union and there is one interesting fact that most of the world chess champions were citizens of the Soviet Union. Period from 1993 to 2000 the world chess champions were almost Russians. From the early days chess has been a central feature of Russian history and culture from the middle ages onwards, resulting in a great variety of chess sets from various times and zones. Click here to see our full range of russian chess sets. Chess is considered one of the most interesting, exciting and educational games in Soviet. Now a day’s Russians also use chess as a training concentration, attention and learn to think.

Reproduced Russian (Soviet Era) Series Chess Set

Reproduced 1849 Staunton Chess Pieces with King Side StampingAlan Dewey and chessbazaar proudly present the grand dad of all chess sets, replica of 1849 Staunton Pattern Chess Set. The original 1849 antique chess sets are selling at thousands of dollars a set but that is not every what every chess collector can spend on a hobby. chessbazaar and Alan Dewey worked closely to take out this repro design so that every chess enthusiast can buy and admire the beauty of this chess set. King side rook and knight has been stamped in both box wood side and ebony side. A crown emblem is etched on the foreheads of knights and on top of the turrets of the rooks which stands on the side of the kings in both sides.

Reproduced 1849 Staunton Pattern Chess Set in Ebony / Antiqued Box wood with King Side Stamping - 4.4" King

Reproduced 1851 Staunton Pattern Chess Set: After the tremendous success of our reproduction of 1849 Staunton chess set, chessbazaar proudly presents the sequel of 1849 Staunton Chess Set, the reproduction of 1851 Staunton Pattern Chess Set with “Morphy” knights. The Morphy knights have a pronounced jowls as compared to other designs of knights. The dark pieces are made in ebony wood and the lighter pieces in antiqued box wood. The king in the set is 4.3″ high and the set comes with 34 pieces including 2 extra queens. A rook and a knight in each side comes with king side stamping which was a norm with staunton chess sets at that time. All the pieces are heavily weighted which gives them extra stability on the chess board and feels good to hold and play with them. Thick green felt has been fixed on the base of the pieces which protects the board, controls noise while playing and looks classy on the rim of the base of pieces. The box wood has been given antiqued finish by a special secret process which makes the set look like an original time chess set.

Reproduced 1851 Staunton Pattern Chess Set

European and Austrian Style Vintage Chess Sets – Chessbazaar also offers a huge range of European and Austrian chess sets. These chess sets are favorite chess sets in Europe, especially in Germany, Austria, Spain and Italy. The chess pieces are beautifully hand carved and offer a very classic look.

Reproduced Antique Series Austrian Coffee House Old Vienna Chess Pieces

Decorating you home with these most beautiful chess pieces, antique chess sets work as house-warming presents because they lend an old-world charm to the house. Even if the place is a state of the art living space, a beautiful antique chess set will make it home. Visitors to the house will appreciate such a beautiful presence among other modern amenities and décor. So keep collecting, decorating and enjoying your favourite game with the chessbazaar’s antique and vintage chess sets. Here is our complete collection of reproduced antique chess sets. SHOP NOW

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  1. Hi, Has anyone ever heard of the name golden star who made a somewhat fancy chess set? It was made in 1973. However I cannot come up with anything at all from google Etc. Thanks in advance. Michelle

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