Benefits of Chess!!!

1.) Sharpens Your Memory: Playing chess is beneficiary for memory. While looking for good moves, you always keep on sharpening your mind in search of a good move. Your memory becomes strategic as you keep on targeting your opponents’ chess men.

2.) Develops Your Imagination & Logical Thinking: You are always alone while playing the game. Your mind will become imaginative as you create combination of various good moves. There is always a one turn and you know the importance of that. That enhances your logical thinking.

3.) Gives You Self-Motivation: As once you made mistake in the game, you are one which will help to give you motivation and takes you to the next level. You will get aware of your capabilities while improving the mistakes.

4.) Improves Concentration: Concentration is important part of Chess, as for a second if someone loses his concentration in the game that might result in defeat. As during a game, one’s main concentration is how check mate and win the game.

5.) Makes You Self Dependent: Playing Chess always forced you to make your own decisions. Your performance will be wholly dependent your own judgment.

6.) Grows Your Dendrites: Dendrites are the branched projections of a neuron that act to conduct the electro chemical stimulation received from other neural cells to the cell body. Antenna picks up signals from your brain cells when you are playing. Learning a new chess skill helps dendrites to grow.

7.) Teaches You How to Plan Before: Playing chess can enhance your prefrontal cortex growth and will help you to plan and make better decisions in all aspects of life.

8.) Make You Calculative: As chess is calculative game, you always keep on counting the moves in order to get rid of opponent’s Chess Men.

9.) Useful for Kids: Numerous researches have proved that kids obtain higher reading skills, improved math’s level and greater learning ability. Those kids who plays chess has better performance unlike other kids.

10.) No Age for Chess: There is no age for playing Chess like other Sports. Young can play a game with old person and old can play with young ones.

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