How to care of your chess set

If you have just purchased a chess set or if you have inherited a heirloom chess set, proper maintenance of this set is must so that you can enjoy this set for years and pass on the legacy to the rightful owner when the time comes.

One may store the chess pieces in a storage box or at other safe and clean place where there is no direct sunlight. But whatever may be the case, in case of any trouble like manufacturing defect please let us know, we are always here for assistance and provide you with replacement as well. We take much pride in satisfying our customers as we provide lifelong service. We serve you with high quality products and if you ever have trouble with maintenance of our products, we will readily guide you.

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You should never use or try stuff on your own e.g. polish or wax etc on wooden chess, if not mentioned in the manufacturer’s instructions as it may spoil the chess pieces or chess board and those defects may not be fixed or replaced.

Most of the chess sets come with buff polish and board with lacquered surface so they are very easy to care for. The following precautions will give your wooden chess sets a long life and years of enjoyment.

1.) Please avoid direct heat and humidity to the chess pieces and board at all costs. Direct heat and humidity are the biggest enemies of a wooden chess set and even slight exposure of chess set to these will lead to discoloration, cracking and warping of the chess set.

2.) Do not play chess with damp/wet hands. It is a good idea to keep a hand towel to dry your hands after going to washroom or to wipe dry sweaty hands when you play chess.

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3.) Gently wipe the chess men and the chess board with a cotton cloth which is slightly damp with a very light solution of water and vinegar. It will disinfect, clean or help remove any kind of present odor from the chess board and pieces. There is no need to use any additional waxes or polishes as the original polish is quite hard and it does not wear off easily.

4.) Incase if any of the chess piece breaks or dislodges use a drop of any wood glue to fix it back and leave it to dry for a couple of hours, preferably overnight.

Note: It is advisable to place a newspaper underneath before beginning with any step of after care to protect the surface. Also make sure, these things are done in an airy and well-lit room. Also avoid direct sunlight.

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