10 Useful Tips to Take Care of your Chess Board

So, now you have your favorite chess board & now the most important and difficult task before you is to maintain your chess board. A good quality chess board, however, requires the least botheration and their shine lasts quite a long time. But there are certain general points that need to be kept in mind.

How To Take Care of your Chess Board the Right Way?

  1. Bear in mind that any exposure to water can result damaging the board so the board must essentially stay totally dry at all times.
  2. There is no need to use any additional waxes or polishes as the original polish is quite hard and it does not wear off easily.
  3. If the board becomes scratched there is not much that will remedy it, you can try cleaning the smudges with little damp fabric cloth!Wooden Chess Board Ebony Sheesham Wood
  4. Avoid exposing your chessboard to humidity and extreme temperatures. Humidity results in high degrees of contraction and expansion.
  5. Your chess board should never be placed in direct sunlight. Exposure to sunlight will lead to damages.
  6. Simply wipe the board with a dry(matte finish boards), clean cloth and using a damp cloth(glossy finish chess boards) to get rid of any stickiness.
  7. Avoid touching your board with wet hands. Always keep a hand towel within your reach.Beautiful Luxury Chess Board Sheesham Wood Box Wood
  8. Always try to keep your board on felt or soft surfaces to avoid abrasion. Best would be to buy a board with felt fixed in the bottom.
  9. Regularly dust your board using a soft, dry piece of fabric.
  10. Love your chess board!

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