5 Reasons Why Collecting Chess Sets is a Good Idea?

Chess is a wonderful game of intelligence and strategy. The beauty of this game is that any person, who has the understanding of this game and its moves, can play with any other person irrespective of his/her age. Though, chess comes in different qualities and material like plastic chess sets, bronze chess sets, metallic chess sets, wooden chess sets and so on, however, collecting wooden chess set has a trend which started in the 19th century.

In fact, there are different people all around the world who likes to collect different chess sets as most of them differentiate from their designs, height, and color. Most of the people from clubs or serious collectors invest in most modest wooden chess sets, which is a prestige to collect for the collectors.

Now, let us put down some of the main and top 5 reasons as to why collecting chess sets is a good idea:

  1. Buy 1849 Chess Set OnlineChess sets never come with an expiry date. The chess you bought today can be preserved by your great grand children in years to come making your collection an antique one. Wood chess was introduced to this world in the 18th century and still, we can find those antique and vintage chess collections in some museums or collectors. Some of the best-preserved chess set goes for thousands of dollars in auctions. For example, famous J. Jaques of London produced the first Staunton chess set in 1849. Hundred of chess sets were manufactured, however, only a few of them are left in good condition. On popular demand from our chess collector community, we bought the reproduction of 1849 to this world and have already sold over 100 chess sets.

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2. The wood chess industry is based in India and is a cottage industry. Only a few chess tuners and artisans are left making the wood chess sets a rare and Chessbazaar Chess Set Reviewscollectible item for future. Having said this, many other collectible chess comes in different types like a bone set, metal chess set, marble chess set which are not as collectible as the wooden chess set. If you get bored with your chess collection, you can easily sell them online or can donate to any school or club or charity.

3. Chess set placed in a house can be a beautiful décor. Chess comes in different sizes, designs and wood types. Depending upon your décor arrangement and your wall color, you can choose between the size and wood type. According to our internal survey, held in 2016, around 35% of our customers bought the chess set for their décor purpose. Our best seller for décor is the Dragon chess set in bud rosewood. The size of this chess set is 4.6” King and the impressive dragon styled knight is the main point of attraction of this design, making it the best design for the décor purpose.

Collecting Chess Sets

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4. Chess is the best companion and now it’s easy to take it along with you wherever you travel. Traveling some time can be a boring due to flight delays or long distance traveling. The travel chess set comes handy here. They come in different sizes and can be easily fit in our pockets. Starting from 5” size chess box, it goes all the way up to 16” chess set. Playing chess during travel will not only help you fight the boredom, but you will arrive much fresh and will also help you fight jet lag, though it is not medical proven yet.

5. When we retire, we look for some form of work that makes us busy and must be relaxing. Chess has some unbelievable advantages if you’re above 60 years of age. It will not only keep you engaged, but it also help fight some very dangerous brain diseases like brain fog, stress, anxiety and prevents Alzheimer.

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Though, there are many other benefits of playing chess like increasing your IQ levels etc. however, collecting these magnificent pieces of history will give you much satisfaction. Still not convinced, no problem, buy yourself an economy chess set today and feel the difference.

Why you should Collect Chess Sets


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