Staunton is a particular pattern of Chess Pieces in the game of Chess. Staunton pattern pieces are mostly used in Chess tournaments and competitions. It is named after famous chess master Howard Staunton. Howard Staunton was an English chess master and was one of the strongest chess player in the years between 1843 & 1851. It was due to his efforts that England becomes the one of the major chess centre on the 1950 era. He contributed a lot to chess. He was not only a chess player, but also a chess promoter, writer and organizer as well.

In 1859 Nathaniel Cook designed the Staunton pattern chess and Jaques of London approved their manufacturing rights. After that it becomes the standard design of chess. They have been used all over the world since. All Staunton Pieces mainly has wide molded base. Knight basically has head and neck like a horse. King has a stylish crown with cross pattee, Queen is slightly smaller than king with a small round ball mount on her head, Rooks feature stylized crenellated battlements and bishops a Western-style mitre. Pawns are the smallest pieces in the game with round head.

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