Monthly Round-up – Aug 2015


With yet another exciting month behind us, it’s time once again for a quick recap of the highlights from the last month. If you think you might have missed something from the month, here is a list of the hottest releases in the Aug 2015.

A new generation of wooden chess set is coming soon

California Chrome Series Released

Abaco Barb is now available in bud rose & box wood

1851 & Original 1849 Staunton pattern chess set is coming soon

It comes as no surprise that the Blackburne chess set is still on everybody’s mind but the best is yet to come. Yes you heard it right, the biggest flagship of 2016 train is on track and will be available soon on our website. However, you have to wait patiently for the event to find out the whole story.

CB Trend

California Chrome Series made the headlines as well, California chrome chess set brings new styling to our current luxury line-up, thanks to it’s sharp edgy design. It comes with a 4.1″ King & hand carved in bud rose/ebony & box wood.

CB Trends

The knight in this chess set is dedicated to California Chrome, the American Horse of the year 2014. California Chrome is an American thoroughbred racehorse which won the 2014 Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes.

Abaco Barb Staunton Series is coming next week in bud rose wood & box wood with the king height of 4.4” and a base diameter of 1.9”. All chess pieces are triple weighted by adding a stud of iron within the base. Each of the chess piece has thick green felt on it’s base. The dark chess pieces are made of Bud rose wood and the lighter chess pieces are made of Box wood.

And as for the 1851 reproduction which chess collectors are eagerly waiting for is coming this fall along with a previous version of the 1849 Staunton pattern chess set.  These are the two reproductions which every chess collector will look out for. Please also note that we are going to launch a dozen of new chess sets before Christmas. Pricing and availability of new chess sets will be announced later this fall. So stay tuned!

coming_soon (1)

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