Monthly Round-up – Jan 2016

The first month of the year saw plenty of announcements. Stained crimson Dubrovnik chess set version 2.0 undoubtedly takes the cake last month. Stained crimson Dubrovnik chess set is a spectacular chess set, mainly for it’s excellent value. With a 3.6″ king and a base diameter of 1.6″, all chess pieces are double weighted and crafted in a rich stained crimson & plain box wood.

As we send off the first month of 2016, let’s look back and see what new announcements have been made last month.

Dubrovnik version 2.0 chess in stained crimson

Limited edition Dubrovnik chess set

Minimalist borderless chess boards

1849 version 2.0 in ebony & box wood

First and foremost on the list is Dubrovnik version 2.0 chess set. The Dubrovnik chess set celebrates a love story of aesthetics and a unique premium color; stained crimson. Designing this chess set with stained crimson has been attempted – but never before mastered like this. Some customer’s felt that the knight in our previous repro was not an accurate reproduction, so we heard to our customer’s opinion and respected their verdict by bringing a closest possible knight in our version 2.0. The stained crimson Dubrovnik chess set is simply gorgeous, and exquisitely striking, therefore each piece is carved with meticulous care. It’s a chess set that is truly like no other. Shop Now


Cultivating a new level of craftsmanship and artisanal luxury in our limited edition chess set, we have also launched our most elegant limited edition Dubrovnik yet. The new stained crimson color is subject to only the most rigorous quality inspections, ensuring that if you’re holding any crimson piece in your hands, it is completely free from red color discoloration. Unfortunately only 10 chess sets of this limited edition version have been produced. But you can still buy our stained crimson Dubrovnik version 2.0 which is as good as this limited edition chess set was. Shop Here

And as long as we are on the subject of reproduced antique chess sets, the Reproduced 1849 Staunton Chess Set Version 2.0 is the one that deserves some attention. This is a new chess set that has been developed under the concept of a “Graded Up 1849 Chess Set” while maintaining the nostalgic historic feeling and unmatched craftsmanship of the existing 1849 chess set. Our revised reproduction has refined knight, non antiqued box wood and does not come with king side stamping. The chess pieces are made in box wood and ebony wood. The king is 4.4″ high. The chess set comes with 34 pieces including 2 extra queens. This set is Triple Weighted and the chess pieces have thick green felt on their bases. Shop Now

Our new minimalist series chess boards are also generating a lot of hype around the chess world. Made in Spain – These classic wooden chess boards are finest of the chess board a chess player or collector can have. Crafted from veneer* these chess boards features a Matte/glossy finish and a peculiar borderless design. Veneered chess boards have a long life and durability without compromising in their finish and quality. They are super light weight and hence easy to carry. Explore Here

Minimalist Wooden Borderless Chess Board

Lastly, if you are waiting for our next sale of Dubrovnik version 2.0, you will be pleased to hear that it is getting closer to a release with a new 4″ version soon. We are in the final stages, so it shouldn’t be long now. Stay tuned with us for bunch of launches and amazing offers this Valentine season! Subscribe our newsletter today.

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