Monthly Round-up – July 2015


Another month flew by and tradition dictates that once again we take a look at the new arrivals section and round up the most interesting chess sets of the past few weeks. If you think you might have missed something from the busy month, here is a list of what you have missed.

  1. Launch of Blackburne edition chess set
  2. 19th Century Antique Austrian Series Chess Pieces
  3. Submit Design! Get it FREE Contest
  4. New range of reproduced chess sets

Let’s see what the gossip is all about. First and foremost, perhaps, is the Blackburne edition chess set with its huge 4.6″ king. This chess set comes with a 4.6″ King with base diameter of 1.92″. Triple weighted chess set has the chess pieces fitted with thick green felts on their bases. The dark chess pieces are made in ebony, bud rose wood and the lighter chess pieces are made in box wood. Each piece in the set has been meticulously carved, sanded, finished and buff polished by hand to give it a rich long lasting shine. Furthermore, it comes with free chess set storage box (S1210) along with free shipping. This box is best suited for this luxury chess set. It comes with suit case style handle to carry and is also fitted with a lock for safe upkeep.

Blackburne Edition Chess Set
Blackburne Edition Chess Set

Moving on to 19th Century Antique Austrian Series Chess Pieces, these reproduced antique series weighted chess pieces offers a 4.2″ King with a base diameter of 1.7″ and all chess pieces are weighted by adding a stud of iron within the base. Each of the chess piece has thick green felt on its base. The dark chess pieces are made of stained dyed wood and the lighter chess pieces are made of antiqued box wood.

19th Century Antique Austrian Series Chess Pieces
19th Century Antique Austrian Series Chess Pieces

Submit Design! Get it FREE Contest: Did you ever starve for a chess design you always wanted? Chessbazaar is there to help you make your dream chess set a reality, on top of that, you get this chess set absolutely FREE. Yes, you heard it right! We are running a contest where you can submit your chess design and if your design is selected, we will deliver it to you absolutely free! Furthermore, your name will be prominently mentioned on the listing page of the set mentioning you as the chief designer/introducer of that chess set. For more details please email us at

And to top things off, a revised design of Dubrovnik and some other reproduced chess sets are on its way, last but not least our previous 1849 Staunton pattern chess set is also making a return soon & it will be worth the wait. So stay tuned!

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