Monthly Round-up – Nov 2014


Monthly round-up is our little effort to recap all the major announcements of the month, which you might have missed. The past month was quite busy for us due to launch of highly anticipated Reproduced 1849 Staunton Pattern Chess Set.

November of 2014 was marked by :

Launch of 1849 Staunton pattern chess set

Shera & Apache series massive price drop

The evolution video on Shera Series and Dubrovnik Series.

Celebrated Black Friday with Fantastic Deals


Launch of 1849 Staunton pattern chess set : We finally UNVEILED the long-awaited 1849 Staunton pattern chess set on November 2nd. We were thrilled to see the tremendous response as the sets were sold out in just 48 hours. The 1849 Staunton pattern has been consistently sold out since its debut because the stocks were limited. If you still want to grab 1849 chess set, then immediately register your e-mail id for the next lot.


Shera & Apache series massive price drop: Prices were slashed and we are giving FREE wooden storage box with Apache series & Shera series giving benefit to our customers. Did you miss it? Want to receive price drops via email? Sign up for our newsletter & get regular promotional discounts and offers in your email. We send one newsletter every week.


The evolution video on Shera Series :  A detailed exploration evolution video on the shera series from its introduction in 2010 till date. The title pretty much sums this one up. We are mesmerized to see how far Shera series has come from the day when it was released. This video is not in chronological order and does not contain the dimensions of chess pieces. Here’s a stunning compilation video of shera series >>

We also made a video on Dubrovnik Series which is also our set of the year 2014. Here’s the video link >>

Celebrated Black Friday with Fantastic Deals: The day after Thanksgiving (Friday) is known as Black Friday. This is marked as the start of holiday shopping season and some also call it the start of Christmas shopping. & on this special occasion we gave the opportunity to buy your favourite chess sets on drooping prices. This offer ends on December 1st. But some fabulous deals are still running. Just check it out here >>


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