Monthly Round-up – Sep 2014


Monthly round-up is our new innovative service meant to recap all the major announcements of the month, which you might have missed. September of 2014 was marked by :

New economy Staunton weighted chess pieces

Expanded our Reykjavik series with a new Reykjavik chess set

Shera series is now available in Ebony & Bud rose

Let’s move on to our hot announcements for this month (Sep 2014):
Month 9 the spotlights were primarily on Dubrovnik again & it’s no surprise that Dubrovnik chess set is probably one of the best chess set by our artisans till date.
We are now coming up with a 1849 Staunton pattern chess set very soon, We are in the final stages of designing the facelift version of 1849 Staunton Pattern Chess Set. Expectations are high with some major changes in design. Vik, the owner of chessbazaar and our team of expert carvers are working with Mr. Alan Dewey on the new design of 1849 Staunton pattern to make it an accurate reproduction. So Stay tuned & don’t forget to check back soon or register your email at “” so that we can send you the notification as soon as this set is up for sale.


Expanded our Reykjavik series with a new Reykjavik chess set : Reykjavik in sheesham wood is another addition to the Reykjavik family. It is a budget friendly chess set that features a weighted 3.7” King & 3.0” Queen. Exquisitely crafted in sheesham & box wood. Featuring a stylish design with thick green felt on their bases.


New Staunton Family Member : We have expanded our Staunton Series family with a new staunton chess member priced at $71.99. CB proud to introduce new budget friendly wooden chess pieces beautifully crafted in sheesham wood & box wood with the king height of 3.8″. Right Now we are giving 20% flat discount on it with free shipping.


Shera series in new avatar: The Shera series have already reached iconic status & now we have introduced shera series in new color. Exquisitely crafted in Ebony & Bud rose wood with the king height of 4.5” . New color will look elegant, rest of the design is same as previous versions. Right now we are offering flat 20% introductory discount on this chess set including free shipping.

Price slashed by 50% : We have also introduced Half price offer on shera series for 4 days.

That’s all for now, Follow us on Twitter & Facebook to stay up-to-date with the latest releases, offers & promotions. We’d glad to know your views and experiences of chess sets which you have purchased from us.

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