How to find the right size chessboard for your wooden chess pieces

The pleasure and excitement of a chess game increases many fold when you lay the pieces on a beautiful wooden chessboard and that too of perfect size. Like the chess pieces, chessboard  is equally important as the game moves around on the chess board. It is of utmost importance that the size of chess pieces and the size of chessboard should be appropriate and perfectly matching. To make your game much more interesting and professional, chessbazaar brings you a very simple way to calculate chessboard size and piece size –

For calculating the chess board size, you just need to know the base size of your chess piece i.e the diameter of the chess pieces. So, the simple formula is:

Chess board size: 4/3 of king’s base.

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To find out a perfect chessboard size for your chess pieces, multiply the base of the piece with 4/3 and you will get the size of the chess square. For example: For  a set with king’s diameter  2’’ will be perfectly suitable with chessboard of size: 2’’ x 4/3 = 2.66″.

And vice-versa to find out the size of the perfect chess pieces, if you already possess a chess board. For this you need to know the size of the square.

Chess piece size: 3/4 of chess board’s square size.


Multiply the size of the chess square with 3/4 and you will get the size of the piece. For example: For a chess board with size 2.66’’, a perfectly suitable King’s size would be: 2.66’’ x 3/4 = 2’’.


So, enjoy your favourite game this winter season on a beautiful wooden chess board with the most beautifully handcarved chess pieces perfectly matching to each other. Take a look of our amazing collection of handmade wooden chess pieces and chess boards.

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