Monthly Round-up – March 2015

Another month passed and it’s time to sum-up the most important stories of the past few weeks. Our live customer support has been overflowing from the last month and almost everything has been about 1849 chess set. A lot of new chess sets, boards & combos were announced last month, but there is no doubt that the spotlights were only on 1849 Staunton chess set. If you were busy, or did not manage to catch something from the last month announcements, we have covered you with a recap, as well as an overview of the popular chess sets that has made an appearance in March 2015.

Most beautiful chess set we have ever launched!! Yes you heard it right Ferocious elite series has been generating a lot of buzz & spreading it’s attention like wildfire in every chess enthusiast mind. Its attractive radical design is marvellous. There is always something new about chess that make them never go out of fashion no matter what the current trend is! From 2007 to till date, we have launched different kind of chess sets ranging from magnetic series to giant series, but this chess set is specially designed for die hard chess fans out there.

Luxury wooden chess set

As the name suggests elite series is superior in terms of craftsmanship, design or qualities. This chess set is triple-weighted chessmen featuring a 4.37″ king with green felt base pads. This chess set comes with two extra queens (used for a pawn promotion). The Dark side is made with bud rose wood and lighter side is made with box wood.

All eyes were set on 1849 Staunton chess set from Dec 2014 & things have really been getting heated during the last month when we re-launched it with a bang. This triple-weighted chessmen features a 4.4″ King with green felt bases & king side stamping. This chess set also comes with two extra queens (used for a pawn promotion). The chess pieces are made in antiqued box wood and ebony wood.

jaques chess set online

Moving ahead to another much anticipated chess sets French lardy & Liberty Pinney Club Size finally made an appearance last month. Reproduced 1941 Liberty Chess Set by W.T. Pinney No. 101 Small Club Size is now available at $79.99 & French lardy at $74.99. Both chess sets are priced at ultra-low pricing so that every chess collector can easily afford them. These chess sets bring back the good times for our chess collectors who are looking for quality reproduced chess sets at low prices.

French lardy & pinney chess set

Last but not least, a couple of weeks back we received a complaint from one of our esteemed customer that our stained crimson Dubrovnik chess set had some issues with the stain in which the crimson stain was coming off on touching the set with wet hands and the good news is that Our R&D team is finally figured out the solution and best selling crimson chess set is back on sale once again…Read More

Dubrovnik chess set

That’s all for now, Follow us on Twitter & Facebook to stay up-to-date with the latest releases, offers & promotions. We’d glad to know your views and experiences of the chess sets which you have purchased from us.

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