Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Chess Lovers

Everyone knows that Christmas is a time for giving and finding unique Christmas Gifts. This gift-giving season can be a challenge for most of us and when you want to gift someone that he/she loves to have, can be very stressful. But don’t worry, chessbazaar is here to help you with an amazing array of Christmas gifts for everyone on your list.

Stay away from the socks and ties. Does that sound familiar? We understand that people sometimes struggle to come up with Unique Christmas Gifts, but it’s your lucky year because this year your Christmas Gift is going to be like nothing your relatives and loved ones have expected or seen before. Whether you’re looking for a Secret Santa Present for your friend, father, boyfriend or a Stocking Filler for the little one or a Christmas present for your loved ones. We love to help you find unique, creative and great chess gifts ever and that too without making a whole into your pocket.

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If the person you are choosing a gift for likes playing chess, then here at chessbazaar, you have a good direction of gifts. Our magnetic and luxury chess sets are just the perfect gifts for the young chess players and the passionate chess players as well. Chess players keep thinking of their game all the time and if they get something small and handy that is ready to turn their thoughts into reality then nothing better than that.

Playing chess on gadgets can never give you the same feeling as when you feel moving the wooden chess piece with your fingers. So, this Holiday season please avoid gifting digital alternatives of playing chess to your loved ones. Only true passionate players can understand the difference between the real playing and the virtual playing. Every chess player loves a good book on chess. What can be more enjoyable than to read and learn new things about a game that you love playing?

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Not only to the chess lovers, this season gift something out of the box to your loved ones. A beautiful handcrafted wooden chess set can always be an extraordinary for anyone and for those little ones or youngsters tucked up in bed waiting for a certain St. Nicholas to come down the chimney, we have a superb selection of Chess-Christmas-Gifts for all of you that would even make Santa’s Elves jealous.

Buy DGT Chess Clocks1. Revolutionize the way they play their blitz or bullet chess game with our DGT chess clocks. Made from DGT this digital clock sets a new standard in digital excellence. It is the ultimate clock, one that is user-friendly, attractive and offers all of the features that chess enthusiasts demand. It offers every feature you could possibly want, including pre-set Fischer, Bronstein, Delay and Blitz Time Control Modes. Buy it Here->

1950 Dubrovnik Bobby Fischer Reproduced Chess Set Online

  1. Chess player like Bobby Fischer was the diehard fan of The Dubrovnik chess set making the 1950 Dubrovnik chess set more highly coveted.  Handcrafted in India, these chess pieces exude class and history. Appropriately weighted these pieces are very stable on board and a pleasure to touch and feel. Each piece is meticulously carved and buff polished by hand to give it a rich and long lasting shine. The design, quality, and craftsmanship of these chess pieces are unmatched and that is what made them favorite with the greatest chess player of all time, Bobby Fischer.

While your friends might have their eyes on our $700 Indian Chetak II Customized Staunton deluxe chess set, this 1950 Dubrovnik Bobby Fischer Chess Set is more than enough to make them happy and won’t break the bank. Buy it Here->

Buy Travel Magnetic Chess Set Online

  1. You can’t go wrong with a travel chess set, give them the perfect game on the go wherever they are. These Magnetic chess sets are ideal for playing on planes, trains, buses or in the cars. These chess sets use magnetic fields to secure the chess pieces to the board ensuring that they will not move. The Chess Pieces have been fitted with a Magnetic Stud in the base and the board is fitted with concealed Iron sheet. Buy it Here->
  2. The Indian-American luxury series chess set is a stylish upgrade perfect for any chess player. Made from bud rosewood and boxwood this chess set is expertly carved and triple weighted for fantastic hand-feel and a very nice thud on the wooden chess board. Chess pieces have unique collar rings and thick green felts, which precisely envelops the base of each chess men for smooth movement on the chess board.

Buy Indian-American Luxury Series Chess Set Online

The knights are well-crafted and represent the highest grade of knight carving skills that our Indian artisans have to offer. Buy it Here->

Buy 1849 Chess Set Online5. Reproductions are timeless, and the 1849 reproduction will manage to steal their heart and give them the retro look and feel. It is a must have for any chess collector. Made from antiqued boxwood and ebony wood. Each piece is meticulously carved and buff polished by hand to give it a rich and long lasting shine. The design, quality, and craftsmanship of these chess pieces is unmatched and that is what made them favorite of the masses. To make the 1849 repro chess set what it is, our artisans take more than a week to a carve a single chess set. The result of this hard work of these master craftsmen is a truly wonderful design and a masterpiece which any connoisseur will admire. Buy it Here->

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  1. Buy Club Players Manifesto – Ultimate Super Pack Chess Dvd's OnlineThey’ll be able to learn new chess tactics daily from this Club Player’s Manifesto Super Value Pack. This is a unique comprehensive course for chess players who want to advance to the next category. Many of the ideas presented in this course have never been properly explained to club players before. The lessons contained in the course are intended to make it feel as if you are studying one-on-one with Grandmaster Lemos. The course has been carefully designed, so that after completing all the material, you will have everything you need to advance to the next level whether you are new to club chess or on the verge of becoming a master. Buy it Here->
  1. Chessbazaar Gift CardsGive them what they really want. Send Chessbazaar e-Gift Card instantly via email. Chessbazaar e-Gift card gives your loved ones the power to choose what they desire from a wide range of products. Buy it Here->


  1. Luxury Chess Storage Box OnlineKeep their chess pieces safe with this stylish Hi-Gloss Finish Crocodile Pattern Leatherette Storage Box. Leatherette storage box for chess pieces with double tray and fixed slots for putting each piece separately. In addition to its elegant look and feel, this storage box offers more durability and prestige beyond similar storage boxes, crafted in common leatherette matte finish. Unlike standard chess boxes, where the chess pieces are stacked on top of each other while, not in use, this storage box with double tray provides each of the chess pieces their own individual storage compartment. Comes with suitcase-style handle to carry and is also fitted with a lock for safe upkeep. Buy it Here->
  1. Chess Board with EngravingFor a truly personal gift this year, go for our wooden chess board with Personalize text on it. Contact us for the custom chessboard


  1. Reproduced 1963-1966 Piatigorsky Cup Chess Set For the Antique Lovers: Because it’s the first time they’ve been reproduced in 50 years. These chess pieces are the exact replica of the chess set which was designed by the U.S. International Master Herman Steinern in the mid-1940s. Since then, the design has gone through many iterations but Piatigorsky is one of the best chess set ever designed in the Staunton style. Piatigorsky chess set was first seen in the Piatigorsky Cup tournament (1963) organized by the Piatigorsky Foundation. This peerless 1963-1966 Piatigorsky Cup chess set in Staunton style is made up of bud rosewood and boxwood. The King proudly stands at 4.2 inches and its base is a robust 1.8 inches. This is a historic design featuring the one-piece knight with long flowing mane, attractive eyes, nostrils, and mouth. Wider base and superb size proportioning from the king to the pawn exhibits true intricate craftsmanship in all the pieces. Buy it Now ->

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