A Year in Trends – Story Unfolds

A Year in Trends – Story Unfolds

In 2014 people searched million of queries. What do these queries say about?
1950 Dubrovnik chess set was the biggest launch for us in 2014 and it’s no surprise that Dubrovnik chess set is one of the best acclaimed historic chess set we have ever launched. It’s the most searched query in 2014.


Smartphone’s have taken the world by storm & now with our mobile friendly website, shopping is at your fingertips around the clock no matter where you are. You can take advantage of our time-sensitive deals on the go.


Here at chessbazaar we’ve spent a lot of time working on new tools to help you, our readers, pick the right chess set for you. Our improved latest search is meant to improve search results & and provides condensed info. The search widget has an intuitive interface and show product images as well, so it will hopefully make the findings of the desired chess product pretty simple.  New search also provides condensed info on a set price, physical dimensions, material used etc. We’ve done our best to optimize the search widget for both wide and narrow layouts.


The notify me feature has an intuitive interface and ask you for your e-mail address, that allows us to send you the notification once the item is back in stock & you can make a purchase before the stock runs out.


That’s all for now, Follow us on Twitter Facebook to stay up-to-date with the latest releases, offers & promotions. We’d glad to know your views and experiences of the chess sets which you have purchased from us.


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