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Online Hand-crafted Wooden Staunton Chess Sets from chessbazaar™

With huge range of handmade Staunton Chess Sets, chessbazaar™ strives to provide best and high quality chess sets to our customers at most affordable prices. Started in 2007, we have been serving chess collectors, players and enthusiasts by providing the best and most affordable chess sets all over the world. chessbazaar™ is focused to provide the best online shopping experience to our buyers by providing vast range of unique wooden chess sets, quick and reliable after sales service and lifetime warranty. chessbazaar™ is the largest chess manufacturer of Chess Pieces, Chess Boards, Chess Set Combos, Chess Accessories, Chess Storage Boxes and Travelling Sets. Our USP is FREE Shipping worldwide.
Our online chess store justifies quality and commitment as we work around the clock to the most unique, tournament, traditional, vintage and English chess sets which are great for casual playing at schools, clubs and home. We have unique and personalized chess gifts that are just right for every occasion, designed and handcrafted with great care by our artisans. Wooden chess set is an exclusive item for gift as well as home decor.

Antique Reproduced Chess Sets - Craftmanship at its best!

chessbazaar.com is based in India. We use some of the most beautiful woods to manufacture chess sets. Some of the woods used are Sheesham, Ebony, Boxwood, Padauk, Rosewood and the pieces and boards are buff and Lacquer polished. Apart from this, chessbazaar.com has an extensive range of reproduced antique chess sets in Camel Bone and Antiqued Wood. Don't forget to check out our blog where you can find new chess products, tactics, moves and tricks to improve your chess game online. Get started and try out to achieve your dream chess set by using our custom chess set order feature.


Lifetime Warranty - GUARANTEED!

Shopping with chessbazaar™ is easy. We assure our customers that what they buy from us will reach to them on time and in pristine condition. We take great pride in our packaging and if an item is damaged in transit we assure a free replacement or refund. To ensure safe and secure shopping experience, we accept payment by PayPal and have tie up with CCAvenue for processing payment through Credit Card and American Express cards. We have tie up with FedEx, DHL and IndiaPost for expedited shipping around the globe and we provide FREE shipping for all our items. We are world's leading chess supplier and have the widest range of wooden chess sets made with the finest quality.

What Our Customers are Saying
Buy Reykjavik Staunton Chess Pieces in Ebonized Boxwood & Natural Boxwood Online
Posted On: 29 March, 2017
Review By:Renato Freitas
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
I'm in love with this model. Designed for the big duel between Fischer vs Spassky in 1972. The sizes and weights of the pieces are excellent. It's my favorite model for me to take to tournaments. It is my main recommendation for people who play tournaments often.
Buy The Honour of Staunton (HOS) Series Weighted Chess Set Online
Posted On: 28 March, 2017
Review By:Renato Freitas
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
This model Stauton is surprisingly more beautiful live. The weight and measurements are excellent. The attendance of Chessbazaar exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend to all. It's the best chess house I know.
Buy Russian Zagreb Staunton Chess Pieces in Rose Wood/ Box Wood Online
Posted On: 28 March, 2017
Review By:Renato Freitas
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
I already bought two other models of parts. Reykjavic and Stauton. They are very beautiful pieces. But this model Zagreb is the most beautiful of all. I give top marks. Congratulations to Chessbazaar. The products are excellent.
Buy Imperial Collector Series Chess Set Online
Posted On: 28 March, 2017
Review By:Eugi
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
2 pieces have a small imperfection, even with an impeccable packing concern,
Buy Tournament Series Staunton Chess Pieces with German Knight Online
Posted On: 28 March, 2017
Review By:Mark
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
If you have seen any high-level chess tournaments, or even head-to-head matches, you've seen these... Nothing much more to say here other than this particular set is nice in that they pull the King and Queen base diameter in a bit... That helps with blitz chess... Just buy them, you'll need them at some point...
Buy 1950 Dubrovnik Bobby Fischer Reproduced Chess Set Version 2.0 in Tournament Size Online
Posted On: 27 March, 2017
Review By:Julian
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
I have both the chessbaazar and the House of Staunton version of Dubrovnik sets. I have compared the both sets objectively and as a professional chess collector. Surely, the chessbazaar Dubrovnik knight is a more accurate and similar copy of the original, also the proportion of the pieces are more balanced and accurate. The queen made by chessbazaar is also more accurate than its corresponding queen by House of Staunton. The last point is the price: the Dubrovnik set sold by HOS is twice the price. £102 for this set is surely a real bargain! I prefer the Dubrovnik set by chessbazaar especially because of the knights! Great set at a great price!
Buy The Premium Club Series Chess Pieces & Board Combo Online
Posted On: 26 March, 2017
Review By:Philip
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
This is easily the most beautiful wooden chess set I've ever seen and I'm very happy to own it. Neither the pieces nor the board is among the most ornate types available but their proportions and colors make it a very beautiful and classy combination. Most sets sold online are composed of so many different materials that they make a rainbow look bland in comparison. Personally, I prefer solid wood over exotic veneer and elegance over extravagance and this set epitomises that. Customer support was amazing! All my questions were answered very quickly and clearly and this convinced me into purchasing this set. Click here to read full review >>
Buy The Imperial Collector Series (Sinquefield Cup 2014) Chess Set Online
Posted On: 26 March, 2017
Review By:Walt
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
My board, box and chess pieces arrived this week. The care that Chessbazaar took to package and protect the merchandise was also indicative of the quality of the workmanship. Flawless! I could not be happier with my purchase. An aside, Chessbazaar was tremendously solicitous of me re: my satisfaction, tracking of the shipment, follow-up, and responsiveness on questions I had. I won't be looking elsewhere for future purchases. This company knows how to meet its customers' expectations.
Buy Desert Gold Chess Men Set in Sheesham & Box Wood Online
Posted On: 24 March, 2017
Review By:Uzma
Customer Feedback - chessbazaar.com
Love the details on the set. Reasonably priced for the product. My husband didn't like teeth detailing on knight but besides that amazing set.

Chessbazaar customer stories

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