Journey of 2018 – A Year Full of Reproductions

A Year full of reproduced chess setsFirst and foremost thank you for being with us and we hope to remain your preferred chess store for 2019 as well. We know, we are a bit late on this one but we wish you a very happy and joyful new year with lots of blessings. We achieved great milestones in 2018 and the real reason behind this success story is YOU! Our Reproduction category has now over 130 unique chess sets(Special thanks to Chess Praxis, Mike Ladzinski, Chuck Grau & George Rosado for their contribution.), we are grateful that you appreciate the hard work we put into our unique reproductions and we hope to do even better in 2019.

We would like to thank the chess collector community for guiding us, criticizing us and help us improving! We are very grateful for your continued patronage because we wouldn’t be here without your contribution. Special thanks to Mike John Ladzinski, Chess Praxis for their contribution in some of the outstanding reproductions like Bohemia, Baku, Petropolis, Chavet and many more. We’d also like to thank Chuck Grau & George Rosado, who helped us in making impeccable reproduction of the 1940 Soviet Club Chess Set. Thank you again to every chess collector, player, and enthusiast for being a part of our extended family.
Reproduced 1849 Original Staunton Pattern Chess Set in Lacquer Finished Painted Crimson & Ivory WhiteComplete combo chess set of the year 1972 Reproduced Fischer-Spassky Staunton Pattern Chess Set V2.0 in Ebonized Boxwood & Antiqued Boxwood - 3.75" KingBuy Wooden Chess Board Ebony Sheesham Wood chess board of the year 2018 onlineBuy Leatherette Chess Set Storage Box Coffer with Double Tray Fixed Slots for 4.2" - 4.8" Pieces chess set box of the year 2018
3.75 inches is the best common & used size in the chess set. 3.75 inches is the best common & used size in the chess set
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We hope to get off to a flying start in the year 2019. We are planning to launch some exciting reproductions in the first two months of 2019. So, we hope you will stick around to witness all the new stuff. Follow us on Twitter & Facebook to stay up-to-date with the latest releases, offers & promotions. We’d glad to know your views and experiences of the chess sets which you have purchased from us.

As you can see from that write-up we are ready and eager for 2019 and we can’t wait to introduce you to all that we have in store. Happy New Year to all of you and the people around you and we wish you joy, happiness, and success in the months to come.Happy New Year from chess bazaar

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